Lightweight Oils for Daytime

I've always been into the glowy skin look, but for some reason it's taken me until now to really start using facial oils during the day. Despite having dry skin and working in a *very* dry environment, I was still worried they would make me feel too greasy throughout the day. I've been rotating through a few lightweight oils that sink into the skin quickly and work well underneath makeup.

Indie Lee Squalene Facial Oil | This one has been a favorite for awhile. Squalene is becoming a super "trendy" ingredient (more on that in a minute) in skincare, but for good reason. It's a lightweight oil that mimics the skin's natural oils, so it helps to balance the skin. This makes it perfect for daytime, as it won't make you overly oily. This is my go-to when my skin is feeling sensitive and stressed as well - it feels super gentle, and the simple formula takes care of irritation.

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil | Another single-ingredient love of mine is the Marula Oil from Drunk Elephant. It feels extremely nourishing and yet is super lightweight and sinks into the skin with no greasiness. It feels plumping and hydrating and leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth. It's really helped bring down my redness as well, making it perfect for more minimal makeup days.

Biossance Squalene + Vitamin C Rose Oil | I told you we'd get back to squalene. This is like a beefed-up version of the Indie Lee - one to go for if you're after serious glow. This one contains added Vitamin C to brighten the skin over time. Like the Indie Lee Squalene Oil, this is also super lightweight and sinks into the skin easily and quickly without any added grease. I go for this one after late nights when I wake up with extra dullness.

Sunday Riley Juno Facial Oil | I've mentioned this one a lot lately, but it's a standout favorite for sure. This gives the skin a seriously dewy glow (still without leaning on the greasy side) and keeps it feeling nourished all day long. This is the one I go to if I want to be sure my foundation won't cling, as it eliminates any and all dry spots on my skin. It's pricey, but such a beautiful oil.

MUN Skincare Aknari Brightening Youth Serum | Although this is technically a serum, it's a mixture of prickly pear seed oil, argan oil, and rose flower essential oil that brighten and moisturize the skin. This keeps my skin glowing all day and gives a beautiful lit-from-within glow when I've been using it consistently. This one seems to leave my skin the smoothest and is my favorite to use under makeup.

Do you use facial oils during the day, or just at night? What are your favorites?