Glossier: My Top 5 Picks


You may have seen the news that starting Monday, October 9, Glossier will begin shipping to the UK - I know a lot of you must be so psyched. I figured since most people won't be able to get the whole line in one go, I'd pop up a post going over my top 5 favorite products to make your decision a little easier. I really love everything they've put out so far, but I do love some more than others. Remember to shop through for 10% off your first order!

Milky Jelly Cleanser | My #1 cleanser. I use this at least once a day, and I always need to have about three backups on hand, just in case. It's that good. It's a balmy gel formula that contains rosewater and gentle cleaners (like the ones in contact solution!). It feels so cooling, soothing, and conditioning to the skin. You can use it on dry skin to remove light makeup, like a balm cleanser, or you can use it on wet skin as a traditional cleanser. I love it both ways, but I wear a lot of waterproof mascara, which this won't quite remove. Try it and you'll definitely be hooked like me.


Priming Moisturizer | Ever since I got my hands on my first tube almost three years ago, this has been my favorite moisturizer. The first time I used it, I had been walking outside in the cold, so my face was red and windburned. I was amazed at how quickly this took the redness down. It's a lightweight moisturizer that doesn't feel greasy on the skin, but it leaves a beautiful dewy glow. It's also easy to layer for more hydration - it doesn't pill at all when you load it on. I'll probably switch to the Rich version (which would be #6 on this list if I didn't cut it off at 5) once winter really comes, but for my dry/dehydrated skin, this is the perfect almost year-round moisturizer. As the name suggests, it primes the skin so well for makeup - really plumping and adding glow. I haven't noticed it extending the wear of my makeup, but it certainly makes it look a lot nicer.

Boy Brow | This is another product that I always need to have three backups on hand. Nothing else makes my brows look so fluffy and feathery. Rather than a typical crunchy brow gel, this is a pomade, so it maintains a soft feel while still holding your brows in place. I have quite unruly brows - half of my left eyebrow for some reason grows straight down, but Boy Brow holds the hairs how I want them to lay all day. The Brown one is my favorite, as it really beefs up my brows, but I really like the Clear one too for no makeup days when I just want my brow hairs to lay correctly.

Cloud Paint | I pretty much haven't worn another blush since these came out in March. They're blushes with a gel-cream formula, and they virtually blend themselves. They're so easy to apply with fingers - I just dot it on my cheeks, and tap it in with a clean finger. It gives an effortless flush in about five seconds. They blend seamlessly into the skin and look super natural - like it's your own natural glow. I love mixing the shades together to create new shades. My favorite combo is probably Dusk and Puff to make a lovely neutral pink shade, and I probably wear Haze on its own the most at the moment. You can get a single Cloud Paint or you can get a Duo to save money.

Haloscope | Of course the highlighter is here, right? Like the Cloud Paints, I've almost exclusively used Haloscope as my highlight of choice since it launched last June. These are the dewiest highlighters - they have a ring of shimmer/color on the outside, and a core full of hydrating oils to keep you looking glowy all day. They're super easy to stripe on and blend out, and the result is beaming skin that just looks well-moisturized. These can be built up to be quite intense, but they always still just look like a natural glow. Quartz is my favorite shade, and I'm on my second stick of it, but Moonstone is beautiful for everyday as well. And I love mixing Topaz in with a cream bronzer in the summer. Right now there's a Duo with Haloscope and Boy Brow to save money when you buy both.

As I said above, you can get 10% off your first order when you shop through my rep link. Once you're on my page, you can shop as normal, and you're all good as long as it says "You're shopping with Kelsey" in the top right corner. The 10% discount will be taken at checkout. I do make a commission on orders through my link, so your support is always greatly appreciated, If that makes you uncomfortable though, you can just shop through Glossier's own website!

What's on your Glossier shopping list?