My Charlotte Tilbury Lip Collection | Lip Cheats, Hot Lips, & Matte Revolution


One of my favorite brands, for lip products and other makeup, is Charlotte Tilbury. With her latest launch of the Hollywood Lips Liquid Lipsticks, it inspired me to start going through my collection of other CT lip products. I'm hoping it'll take away the temptation to order a bunch of the liquid lipsticks!

T-B: Iconic Nude, Pillow Talk, Crazy in Love, Hollywood Honey, Kim KW, Pillow Talk, Super Cindy, Very Victoria, Bond Girl

T-B: Iconic Nude, Pillow Talk, Crazy in Love, Hollywood Honey, Kim KW, Pillow Talk, Super Cindy, Very Victoria, Bond Girl

The Lip Cheats are definitely my favorite formula of lip liner. It's the perfect middleground between dry and creamy, so they're longlasting without drying out the lips. They have more of a waxy texture than something like MAC's liners, and they smooth out and enhance the lips rather than shriveling them up. Iconic Nude and Pillow Talk are my everyday go-tos - Iconic Nude is a brown nude that's perfect for more dramatic eye looks or for toning down pink nudes, and Pillow Talk is hands-down the best pink nude ever. It really makes the lips look bigger, even without overdrawing them. Crazy in Love is a beautiful plummy shade that looks great on its own as well as under pink and plum lipsticks - it's one that's going to be getting lots of use this fall. Hollywood Honey is the best 90s brick-brown that gives a bee-stung look to the lips when it's smudged in over a balm, and my favorite is pairing it with Glossier Gen G in Leo.

The Matte Revolution Lipsticks are also probably my favorite lipstick formula. It gives the sophisticated look of a matte, but they're still beautifully creamy and comfortable. Again, Pillow Talk is my favorite here. It's quite similar to the liner shade, as expected, so they make the perfect pair for subtly enhancing the lips, and it's a color that goes with any look. I'm 99% sure these will be my lip products of choice for my wedding. Very Victoria is my second favorite (and technically part of the Hot Lips collection now) - it's a brown-toned nude with a bit of a purple tone to it. Usually brown nudes pull red/orange on me, but this one doesn't. It pairs really well with the Iconic Nude liner. Bond Girl is the most perfect fall shade - a little bit of a berry, but a little bit neutral. It goes with a lot of looks, and it's bold without going overboard. 


When she launched her Hot Lips collection, I jumped and grabbed two shades, Super Cindy and Kim KW. Super Cindy is another Matte Revolution formula and meant to be the perfect Cindy Crawford 90s brown shade. It's actually quite peachy on me, and I love it because it's the one peach shade I feel like I can pull off. It's great paired with other warm shades. Kim KW is a K.I.S.S.I.N.G. formula, and the only one I own. It's super creamy and comfortable on the lips, but it doesn't slip and slide around. It's a pale pink nude, and perhaps it's a bit too pale for me on its own, but paired with a slightly darker liner (like Pillow Talk or Iconic Nude), it's perfect. Since it's not the matte formula, it's not totally opaque, making it more wearable. I definitely need more shades in this formula - I've got my eye on Bitch Perfect next.

What's your favorite Charlotte Tilbury lip product?