The Best Foundation for Dry Skin | Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation


For most of December I was pining away for a new foundation - I didn't necessarily need one, as I have two acrylic drawers full of them, but I just was feeling something fresh and new. I was intrigued by all the new ultra high-coverage options coming on the market, even though I typically never wear anything above a light coverage. I starting poring over Sephora's foundation page and reading all the descriptions, and I ultimately went with something that's been around for awhile and that I hadn't heard much hype on: the Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation.

The Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation boasts a range of 40 shades with four different undertones. The naming system is very easy to follow - a letter to signify the undertone (Pink, Neutral, Golden, and Golden Plus) followed by a number to signify the depth of the shade. I matched myself to P10, and I think it's probably the best foundation match I've ever had. It's an oil-free foundation with a hydrating formula that's meant to give a radiant, skin-like finish. It sounded right up my alley, really. 


Upon first squeezing it out of the tube, I was surprised and a little worried about how thick it felt - it felt like a thick cream. But once I applied it to my skin, it instantly seemed to thin out and spread so easily. A little goes a long way, and it blends beautifully. It gives a medium coverage right off the bat but does layer well if you wanted a fuller coverage. I was wary of amping up my usual level of coverage, thinking it would look and feel heavy on my skin, but this one doesn't at all. It feels practically weightless, and it looks undetectable on the skin. It is amazing for blurring over imperfections like mild texture and flaky breakouts - it doesn't even cling to those! It's basically flawless skin in a tube.

Longevity for me is great as well - it lasts through the whole day on me without breaking up. I will note that it gets a bit shiny on my T-Zone, so if you have anything near an oily skintype, you'll probably want to stay away. But if you're dry and you've been looking for something that won't catch on your dry patches, this is it.

I've documented before how much I love mixing products to get a whole new formula, and that's been no different with this. So far I've loved mixing it with the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue to sheer it out a little bit - it makes it the perfect everyday base. I've also tried mixing it with the Fenty Foundation, which extends its life even more and helps fix that shiny T-zone issue. 

I think I've found a hidden gem here for sure - I'm not sure why I don't hear more people raving about this!

What's your favorite foundation?

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