My No-Makeup Makeup Routine


I've written many "no-makeup" makeup posts on here before, but it's just one of my favorite looks to create and wear on a daily basis. I like to keep it simple and minimal, enhancing the bits I like and covering up the bits I don't. Although I like to wear this kind of look often, I'm always changing up the products I use and finding new favorites to give me the most natural look possible.

The first product I've been using is actually more of a skincare product than makeup - I go in with the Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment as the last step of my skincare routine. It doesn't add much coverage at all, but the green cream turns into a more beige shade as you rub it into the skin that helps to cancel out redness. This really takes the edge off angry blemishes and my rosy cheeks, meaning I need less concealer afterward. Sheer bases like this are a staple in my no-makeup makeup look because they let your natural skin shine through and won't look like you're wearing anything.

On days I use the Cicapair, I just go straight to concealer rather than adding another foundation/base product. I have a new mix I'm loving: the Glossier Stretch Concealer and the Milk Makeup Flex Concealer. These two have been my favorites for such a long time, so I don't know why I haven't thought of mixing them until now. I just dab a little bit of the Glossier on the spots where I need coverage, draw some of the Milk on over the top of the same areas, and blend it all together with a damp sponge. Both of these formulas are natural, hydrating, and move with the skin, so while they give good coverage, they'll still look like skin and won't crack or cake up throughout the day.


On days I don’t want to look like I’m wearing much makeup, I keep my brows super simple. A few swipes of the Glossier Boy Brow in Brown makes my brows look nice and full, and the pigment is just enough to fill in gaps without looking blocky. I’ve lost count of how many tubes I’ve gone through, but I always need to have about three backups on hand.  

I’ve actually been skipping eye makeup altogether and just giving my eyelashes a quick curl with the Surratt Relevee Eyelash Curler. These give me the most dramatic curl that lasts all day long, even with no mascara on. It makes me look much more awake by just doing this one step. I feel like keeping the eyes bare helps give the illusion that the skin is also bare - just me? 

For cheeks, I use quite a few products to give myself a natural-looking glow. Cream products are key here, as they really melt into the skin and are undetectable. Rather than a dedicated bronzer, lately I’ve been mixing two non-bronzers - Glossier Haloscope in Topaz and Cloud Paint in Dusk. The ultra-warm tones of Topaz mix perfectly with the cooler, pinker vibe of Dusk to make my perfect bronzer shade, and I love the slight glow the Haloscope gives the mixture. If you haven’t tried this mix, I’d highly recommend it. I also use Cloud Paint for my blush pretty much every day, but especially on no-makeup makeup days. They’re just the most natural-looking and easy to use that I’ve ever tried. I’ve been mixing Puff and Beam to get my perfect flush that also helps to warm up and brighten the skin a little. Find a blush (or two) that mimics the color of your natural flush - then it will look like your own skin! 


I can't go a day without highlighter, and for super minimal looks I opt for creamy formulas that have a softer sheen. Right now I'm really loving the Ilia Illuminator in Polka Dots & Moonbeams. It's a pearly shade that adds just a hint of glow, and there are deeper shades, too, so pick one that will look like your skin's natural sheen. I love how easily it glides on, and it instantly melts into the skin with just a few taps to blend it in. This definitely isn't a "visible from space" beaming highlight, but it's perfect for everyday.

Lastly for lips, I like to choose something comfortable, easy to reapply, and in a shade that matches/slightly enhances my natural lip color. For the past few months my favorite one to reach for has been the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. It's the prettiest rosy nude that looks good on absolutely everyone, the formula is comfortable and not sticky, and it stays put so well for a gloss. It gives a glassy sheen, and the slight sparkle in it really enhances the look of the lips. It's always a favorite for sure.

What are your top picks for a no-makeup makeup look?

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