Re-ignited Love

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I've been really challenging myself to pick through my collection on a weekly (sometimes even daily) basis and find something to wear. I've already been finding lots of old favorites, and I can't even remember why I ever stopped using them. This is slowly helping me get out of that "buy every new thing" mentality I had going for awhile, and it's really teaching me to love what I have.

MAC Next To Nothing Face Colour New foundations are the one thing I'm still always tempted to try. Having great- yet natural-looking skin is always my main goal with my makeup, so I always feel like my holy grail is out there waiting somewhere. But I have so many bases that fit that category already. I've fallen back in love with the MAC Next To Nothing recently. It feels quite balmy on the skin and is really dewy. It doesn't look greasy, though. It gives little coverage, but I find it gives a similar effect to the Glossier Skin Tint - evened out and super glowy skin in a bottle. When I was using this back when I first got it, I was applying it with a beautyblender, but recently I've been just using my fingers and it works much better. It just melts into the skin so beautifully.

Onomie Bright Concealing ElixirI have no idea what possessed me to stop using this, but the release of their new Lip & Cheek Sticks reminded me how much I loved this little beauty. It's skincare-meets-makeup at its finest. It feels super nourishing like an eye cream, but it packs a punch in the coverage department and covers up my undereye circles beautifully. It becomes one with the skin, and it doesn't sit in my fine lines. You only need the tiniest dot of product for both eyes, so the little tube will last forever.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting BronzerI saw this in Jamie Paige's "Testing Youtuber Favorites" video recently, and it made me start reaching for mine again. I have Nude Bronze Light, which is a more neutral, almost cool-toned shade. It's perfect for adding a bit of definition to the face, and it works really well on my skin without making me look orange. This one seems more matte than the other shades I've swatched, but it still leaves the skin with a soft, subtle glow that I'm loving at the moment.

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NARS Blush in ImpassionedSince I've been using a powder bronzer, I've also been reaching for a powder blush. This is always a favorite I go back to - it looks almost like nothing in the pan, but on the skin it's such a beautiful, soft blush. It's on the cooler side, so it's perfect for my skintone. I love mauve blushes, and this one is just so pretty and lovely. The formula of NARS Blushes can't be beat, either.

Bite Beauty Lip PencilsI've been getting back into using lip liners lately (thanks to the Pat McGrath one I've been raving about since Christmas), and it's reminded me how nice the ones from Bite are. They're traditional wooden pencils, but they're so much creamier than other ones I've tried. They're not so creamy that they slide around or don't last, though. The shade selection is beautiful, too - I love that they started with a boatload of nudes and then added bolder colors. The shades 010, 022, and 036 are some of my go-tos.

Dior Lip Glow PomadeI've been obsessed with the Dior Lip Glows lately, and it made me dig through my makeup drawers and grab the gloss version recently. It doesn't really add color to my lips like the original balms do, but it leaves a really pretty glassy sheen and feels soft and pillowy on the lips. I just like having the tube with me, too, because it looks so pretty - is that weird? I don't know if I'd repurchase this when I finish it, but for now I'm loving using it again.

What favorites have you rediscovered lately?

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