BECCA Ombre Rouge Eye Palette - Review & Swatches

Ever since I first tried the Shimmering Skin Perfectors, I've had a list of products from BECCA that I wanted  to try forming in my mind. My first deviation from their highlighters has been the Ombre Rouge Eye Palette, and let me tell you it's got me wanting to try the whole line even more. I was a little interested they came out with the Ombre Nudes Palette a while ago, but the newer "Rouge" version is what really caught my attention. The warmer, redder tones just seemed so pretty and perfect for fall - even if I do have cool-toned skin.

The palette comes in slim plastic packaging with a secure closure and a large mirror, making it perfect for traveling. It contains five matte shades (although the second shade seems to be more of a satin finish), ranging from a pale nude to a warm, red-toned brown. I've been really into matte eyeshadows lately, so I was all over this. Although the range of shades might seem limited, it really is possible to create quite the variety of looks with this palette. My favorite look so far has been applying the second shade, a pinky/mauve brown, all over the lid with the third color, a medium warm brown, in the crease. The fourth color, a warm camel shade, also makes an excellent crease/transition color. The last shade, despite not being super dark, makes for a lovely eyeliner, adding subtle definition to the eye. 

As with the other BECCA products I've tried, the formula is worth raving about. The shadows feel soft and creamy and are nicely pigmented. The third and fourth shades produce a little more powder than the rest when you dip your brush in, but it doesn't make a mess, and fallout is extremely minimal. I always apply an eyeshadow primer before my eyeshadow, and I haven't had any problems with these creasing. They'll last through a 9-hour workday and look exactly the same at the end of the day as they did when I applied them in the morning, and they'll keep on lasting until I take my makeup off before going to bed - so I'd say the longevity is really impressive. I think these shadows would look beautiful on all skintones - I feel like I have the palest, most cool-toned skin around, and they never look muddy or dirty on me. They'd also look nice on any eye color - they really bring out my brown eyes, but the soft red and purple tones of the shadows would also pair nicely with blue and green eyes. Now that I've tried this one, I've added the Ombre Nudes Palette to my wishlist - then I'd have a whole arsenal of shades to softly define my eyes.

Have you added this palette to your wishlist yet?