Jouer Long-Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipsticks

You probably saw me tweeting wildly about the new Jouer Long-Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipsticks a couple weeks ago when they were released. Having heard nothing but great things about them, I was chomping at the bit to get my hands on some. After a minor mishap where I put in my billing address incorrectly and my credit card got frozen by my bank, I had four shades on their way to me. It was also great to find that Jouer had a promotion where you could get 25% off your first order by simply signing up for their newsletter. Having never bought anything from the brand, I took the opportunity - four lipsticks for the price of three, why not?

The shades I came away with were all pretty neutral - Lychee, Petale de Rose, Cassis, and Noisette. I love that Jouer seems to have focused more on the neutrals, rather than the crazy bright and bold colors that other brands have come out with. It seems very on-brand for them. They do have a few bold and punchy pinks and reds, and some really fascinating metallic shades, but the neutrals are where it's at for me.

Lychee (top left) is described as a cool-toned nude. It's quite a pinky nude, and on me, the owner of the world's pinkest skin, it actually appears to have a bit of a peachy tone to it. I wasn't completely sure how I'd like this one, being a little paler than the colors I usually go for, but it's just beautiful. In fact, it's my new favorite everyday shade.

Petale de Rose (top right) is quite similar to Lychee, but it's deeper. It's described as a cool-toned dusty rose, which is pretty spot-on. It doesn't have any mauve to it though, as you'd expect from the "cool-toned" in the description. On me it's a little brighter than my normal neutrals, but it's a welcome addition for spring.

Cassis (bottom left) is the most "out there" pick for me - a muted violet shade. This has about the same brightness as Petale de Rose, but of course is more purple. It's such a lovely shade, and it's quite a unique take on an everyday wearable color. This was the last one I picked out, when I realized I could get four for the price of three, and I could kick myself for almost not getting it.

Noisette (bottom right) is the one I wanted the most - described as a warm chocolate brown. I've been all over the brown lip trend since the fall, so of course I felt like I needed this one. I think my skin is a little too cool-toned for this to be ultra-flattering on me, but I love it all the same. It's probably my favorite of all the brown lipsticks I have. There's not one hint of pink to it like most others, so it really makes a statement.

L to R: Lychee, Petale de Rose, Cassis, Noisette

L to R: Lychee, Petale de Rose, Cassis, Noisette

As for the formula, it's ridiculously amazing. Think of your favorite liquid lipstick and then multiply it by 100, and you'd have these. They apply evenly and easily, and they have lovely pigmentation - you don't need to add layer upon layer to get the true color. They set to a true matte finish that's completely transfer-proof, but they're still the most comfortable liquid lipsticks I've ever tried. They don't make my lips look crinkly throughout the day, even the paler Lychee, and I don't have to spend the day after wearing one babying my lips. They last such a long time as well - pretty much a whole workday for me. They don't wear off when I'm eating, except of course if I eat something oily/greasy. Even then, it wears off evenly and doesn't even really need touching up.

I'm more than impressed with these, and of course I've now got my eye on pretty much the rest of the collection (especially the metallics!). Have you tried these yet? What are your favorite liquid lipsticks?