OFRA Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks: Review + Swatches

Lately it seems like everyone is jumping on the liquid lipstick bandwagon, myself included. With so many brands offering them now, it's been difficult to decide which to go for next (although I do have plans to own pretty much every neutral from every brand at some point). I heard a lot of great things about the OFRA Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks, so when I found a discount code I picked up a few to give a go.

I'll start this review off by saying these are hands-down my favorite liquid lipsticks I've tried. Rather than being a true liquid formula, these are very mousse-like and "stiffer" if that makes sense - the formula stands up in little meringue-like peaks on the wand. Because of this consistency, they are incredibly easy to apply and feel remarkably comfortable on the lips. They definitely still feel matte, but they feel more as if you've applied a typical matte lipstick bullet to your lips than a typical liquid lipstick. And on me, the creaminess of the formula doesn't seem to cost one bit of longevity - these easily get me through an entire workday. And unlike other formulas I've tried, they stay comfortable on the lips for the entire day - no having to smear on some lip balm and messing everything up midday.

Swatches L to R: Pasadena, Mocha, Plumas, Santa Ana

Swatches L to R: Pasadena, Mocha, Plumas, Santa Ana

I got four shades to start with, and now I'm wishing I had picked up more. I've got at least four more shades on my wishlist now. I got three neutral shades (of course) and one that seemed perfect for fall.

Pasadena is a brown-toned nude. This is pretty much the same shade dark/light-wise as my lips but just a bit more brown. On me, it shows up similarly to MAC Velvet Teddy, but a bit cooler.

Mocha is my favorite of the shades I got. It's very similar to Pasadena but a bit darker and with a little more of a pink tone to it - a true dirty/dusty rose. This is everything I wanted the Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Lolita to be and more (I think I was one of the people to get my Lolita from the "bad batch"). This is the absolute perfect neutral for me, and I've reached for this one more often than the rest.

Plumas was super interesting to me, because it's got shimmer throughout. This one reminds me a bit of MAC's Syrup, but maybe a little bit darker. It's another neutral, my-lips-but-better shade that really calls attention to the lips because of the shimmer. It doesn't feel chunky whatsoever or anything though. I like that it brings a little more awareness to the lips than a typical nude/neutral, but it's still not too bold to wear everyday. This one, perhaps because of the shimmer, doesn't last quite as long as the rest, but the wear time is still impressive.

Lastly, I got Santa Ana, which is a beautiful plummy-red shade. These are pretty much the only reds I can wear because my skin is so cool-toned, but I think it's just perfect for the A/W season. There's another color that was similar to this but darker called Mina, and that one is next on my list.

So as if I needed more lip products, I've now got a wishlist of these as long as my arm. I'm incredibly impressed with the formula, and I think it's deterred me from buying lots of liquid lipsticks from other brands. I have one recommendation though: if you're going to be picking up any of these, definitely look up swatches rather than relying on the pictures on the website - a lot of them are really misleading. I found KathleenLights's and JamiePaigeBeauty's swatch videos super helpful when picking shades.

Have you tried the OFRA liquid lipsticks? What did you think of them?