RMS Beauty - Living Luminizer vs. Master Mixer

Early on in my quest for the perfect highlight, I found the rms beauty Living Luminizer and I kid you not, my life was changed. It was my first brush with a highlighter that gave the skin an actual dewy look, and from then on I was hooked. It's got a cult following for a reason. I finally got my hands on the brand's newer highlighter, the Master Mixer, so I thought it might be helpful to do a little comparison in case you're trying to decide which one to go for.

Both products feel ultra dewy and nourishing on the skin due to the oils they contain (mainly coconut). The list of oils differ slightly between products - the Living Luminizer boasts castor seed oil in addition to coconut oil, while the Master Mixer also contains jojoba oil and cocoa seed oil. I've noticed that the consistencies are slightly different - the Living Luminizer feels more emollient, thicker, and slightly more oily, while the Master Mixer feels a little stiffer and drier. I love how both perform on the skin, but if you're exceptionally dry you'd probably prefer the Living Luminizer, while more oily skins would probably gravitate towards the Master Mixer. Since the Master Mixer has that slightly drier texture, I like using it more than the Living Luminizer on my eyes, but I like the Living Luminizer more on my cheeks. Both are lovely dabbed onto the lips, but I think the drier texture of the Master Mixer wins out a little more here - sometimes I feel like the oilier texture of the Living Luminizer can break down certain lipsticks a bit.

Left: Master Mixer, Right: Living Luminizer

Left: Master Mixer, Right: Living Luminizer

The other big difference is, of course, the colors. The Living Luminizer is a pearly white shade that is good for highlighting lighter skin tones. It's more of a translucent shade though, so applied sparingly it could also give a beautiful glow to darker skintones without looking too icy. The Master Mixer is a beautiful warm rose gold shade that would look stunning and natural on medium to dark skintones. On me, it's a little dark to be used strictly as a highlighter, but I like to wear it blended down over my cheekbones as more of a glowy cream blush. 

The verdict? I love them both and wear them interchangeably, but if I had to choose, I'd say I prefer the Living Luminizer just because the shade looks more natural and dewy on my skintone. If you're someone with pale skin or skin on the dry side, I'd go for the Living Luminizer. But if you have a deeper skintone and/or want something that works well on the eyes, lips, and cheeks, I'd get the Master Mixer.

Have you tried anything from rms beauty before? Would you choose the Living Luminizer or the Master Mixer?