The New Base: Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water

There's just something about a light base I can't resist. After accepting that heavy coverages just weren't for me, it's become harder and harder to not buy every lightweight foundation/bb/cc/tinted moisturizer on the market. Luckily it took me a few months after the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water was released to actually hear about it, but I had to snap it up as soon as I knew about it.

I'll start by saying if you like thick, full coverage foundations, then this is definitely not for you. That being said, it's one of the most beautiful light coverage products I've tried. I'm very picky when it comes to base products - if I can feel it on my face, I won't wear it. This one is truly one of the most, if not the most, weightless products I've ever tried. You genuinely cannot feel it on the skin once it's been applied. 

As expected by the name, it has a super thin, watery texture that easily smooths over the skin and blends seamlessly. It's delivered via pipette, which is definitely convenient for the formulation. My favorite way to apply this is with my fingers as it makes the finish even more natural, but I do like using a damp Beauty Blender if my skin is feeling a little more dry or a brush if I want a little more coverage.

The best thing about the thin consistency, besides the fact that you can't feel it on your skin, is that you can layer it on more troubled areas with no issues like caking or cracking. I like to blend 4-5 drops over my entire face, and then go back in with 3-4 more drops around the center of my face where I have a lot of redness. It gives the perfect amount of coverage in my opinion - just enough to even out the skin, but not so much that it looks like you're wearing a mask. Your real skin still shows through, making it really look just like skin. It also contains SPF 30, making it the perfect base for every day.

Smashbox describes the finish as "demi-matte," and I'd really agree with that. It's certainly not dewy, but it gives just enough of a glow to keep the skin from looking flat. I've found that the finish really helps its longevity for my skin. My skin is normal with a tendency to be dehydrated, so if I use a base that's too moisturizing, my skin will just drink it all up within a few hours, and if it's too matte, it goes cakey and awful within minutes of application. The finish of this allows it to just meld with my skin but not be absorbed into it, and it usually lasts me through a 9-hour workday. 

The "in-between" finish and sheer quality really make it easy to tailor this base to your skintype - if you're wanting something glowy, simply add a nourishing/illuminating primer underneath, and if oil control is what you need, use a mattifying primer and perhaps set it with a powder.

Have you tried the Smashbox BB Water yet? What did you think of it?