Glossier 101 | The Makeup

If you've visited my blog for even just a second, you'll probably know what a Glossier fangirl I am. Even before I was a rep for the brand, I needed to order every new release the second it came out and I fell head over heels for everything. Since their range is just growing and growing, I thought I'd take a couple posts to go over the current products in the lineup - what I like, what I dislike, and what you need right now.

The Perfecting Skin Tint was one of Glossier's original core products, and it now has a new home on the website's makeup section. It's just like the name sounds - a sheer tint for the skin that evens out skintone but won't cover blemishes. I love light coverage bases, so this is one of my favorites I always go back to. It seems to gently lift and firm the skin as well. It leaves the skin looking super dewy and fresh, so much so that I treat it as an extension of my skincare. I pretty much use it no matter what.

Glossier's first foray into legitimate, makeup-makeup was with the cult-favorite Boy Brow. This has become my holy grail brow product, sometimes being the only thing I need to put in my brows. It's basically an all-in-one product: it thickens, fills in, and holds your brows in place. Rather than crunchy gels, it's a creamy wax formula that stays soft and pliable instead of crispy. Your brows look like your own brows, just super well-behaved. Brown is my go-to for day to day, but I've been loving Clear* on no-makeup days to keep my brows in check and looking groomed.

After brows came the Stretch Concealer. Like the Skin Tint, this focuses on keeping a skin-like look and finish. It's not a super high coverage concealer, but it gets the job done for me. It doesn't cake up or dry out my skin. In fact, it keeps a bit of a dewy finish on the skin so everything looks natural and glowy. It's formulated with elastic micro waxes that move with the skin, hence the "stretch" in the name. This is my holy grail for undereye circles.

Completing the Phase Two Set with the Boy Brow and Stretch Concealer are the Generation G Sheer Matte Lipsticks. These are the first of their kind that I had ever used - they apply like a lip balm, but are somehow sheer and matte at the same time. They give the lips a subtle, popsicle-stained effect. They've updated the formula, which I'm really happy about - the original was a bit drying. The new formula actually feels balmy on the lips while still having a matte finish - I'm tempted to pick up Like, my favorite soft pink shade, in the new formula. There are six shades with something for everyone, from a peachy nude to a deep berry. They're quite adaptable as well because they're so sheer - you can apply a subtle wash to let more of your natural lip shade show through, or build them up to a more intense stain.

If I had to choose one favorite makeup product from Glossier, I think it would have to be Haloscope. I'm a highlighter fiend as it is, and Glossier has made the most perfect one. These contain real crystal extracts around a solid oil core to give the dewiest glazed-donut sheen. Quartz is my absolute favorite, although I love Topaz for a bronze look and Moonstone for an opalescent, other-worldly glow. They're super smooth on the skin and don't feel tacky, although if your skin is oily you may want to apply with caution (just tap it on with your fingers!). I apply it most heavily on my cheekbones and blend upward to my browbones.

My favorite blush formula is now from Glossier - the Cloud Paints have quickly become a favorite since their launch at the beginning of March. I thought I would only use two shades, Puff and Dusk, but I've found all four shades incredibly flattering and wearable. They seem super pigmented at first glance, but the gel-cream formula sheers out easily and applies like a second skin. Collagen and blurring powders help to plump up the skin and apply seamlessly. These have really made me embrace blush - before I was afraid my cheeks were already too rosy for it, but now I just own it and like a healthy flush.

The last makeup bit in the lineup for now is the Lip Gloss. This was released as part of a limited edition holiday collection last year, but it's recently made a comeback. It's just a beautiful clear gloss that's a must-have in everyone's collection. It's a thick, balmy gloss that contains Vitamin E to keep the lips hydrated. It never feels goopy or too sticky. There is a little tackiness, but it's the good kind that lets you know your gloss isn't going anywhere. Before I tried this last fall, I was all about a matte lip, but thanks to the Glossier gloss my mind has been changed - I'm so into a glossy lip.

If you want to try Glossier, you can get 10% off on your first order through my rep page. I do make a small commission on orders through my page, so even if it's not your first order, you can still use my page to support me! Or if that makes you uncomfortable, no worries - you can just shop directly through their website! I love Glossier and would never partner up with a brand I didn't truly use and stand behind.

Edit 9/27/17: Since publishing this post, Glossier has come out with another makeup product: Wowder. It's a lightweight, practically invisible setting powder that lets you control just how dewy you want to be. I love the glossy skin look I get from Glossier products, but I also really like that now I can take down the shine on my T-Zone. It's so finely milled and really blurs out pores. I haven't noticed any issue with flashback, either. I wasn't much of a powder-user before, but now I can't go a day without slapping a little bit of Wowder on.

Have you tried anything from Glossier?

Falling For Lip Gloss

I feel like glossy lips are slowly but surely coming back on trend - it was matte everything for such a long time, with every brand coming out with liquid matte lipsticks, but I think with the warmer weather returning, simpler, glossy lips are making a comeback.

When I want a clear gloss I always go for the Glossier Lip Gloss - you're in luck, because this once limited edition beauty is coming back today! Just check the Glossier website (or my rep link) to see when it's back. It's actually a really moisturizing gloss and leaves a glassy sheen. This was the one that got me back into glosses when it came out in the late fall last year. Another sheer option is the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss - this is such a comfortable gloss. It feels weightless and cushiony, and it does very subtly plump up the lips without stinging. I love the pleasant minty scent, too.

Another minty, plumping gloss is the Buxom Full-On Lip Cream - I have the shade Hot Toddy, which is a beautiful warm nude shade. These also feel really comfortable on the lips and not too sticky. The pigment is definitely discernible on the lips, but it still allows whatever is underneath to show through. I'm dying to get my hands on White Russian next.

I've recently gotten back into wearing the Jouer Moisturizing Lip Glosses.* With all the hype around the Lip Cremes, I forgot how lovely the glosses were. My favorite shade is Sorbet, a warm pink with subtle golden shimmer that really enhances the lips and is perfect for spring. This is another non-sticky, "cushiony" formula that actually nourishes the lips. And if you want the OG gloss/balm hybrid, look no further than the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors. These don't get as much love as they used to in the blogging/YouTube world, but they're still such beautiful lip products. These don't feel like a gloss whatsoever - it really feels just like applying a lip balm.

The two most recent additions to my collection are already shaping up to be my favorites. I just talked about the NARS Lip Gloss in Chelsea Girls last week, but I definitely need to get my hands on more NARS Lip Glosses. The formula is beautiful. I also just got the new Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss in Caresse (714) after hearing Grace from Damselflavored rave about it. It's such a beautiful gloss, and the fact that it's Chanel makes it feel all the more special. Caresse is a beautiful brown-y nude shade that's pigmented enough to wear on its own but will let a lip color underneath shine through.

Lastly, if you're wanting a lip gloss that packs a punch in the pigment department, definitely check out the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Glosses. These don't get as much love as the Liquid Lipsticks, but they're insane - it's like applying a glossy liquified lipstick. I have the shade Kristen, which is another pinky brown shade (surprise, surprise). These do feel a little heavier and stickier than the rest of the options here, but it's to be expected with the pigment load. It's still a lovely gloss nonetheless and one I reach for when I'm running out the door but need to look put together.

What are your favorite lip glosses?

The Everyday Lip Duos

I've been getting back into wearing lip products on a day to day basis - it's about time, because my makeup collection is filled with more lip products than anything else. For my everyday makeup look, I've been using a lip pencil all over my lips for long lasting color, topped with a comfortable formula. And everything I've been using has been a neutral or nude color, of course.

The Pink-y Nude

On days when I want something a little more pink, I've been starting off with a layer of the Bite Beauty Lip Pencil in 010. I've mentioned this lip pencil quite a lot lately, as it's quickly become one of my favorites. The Bite Lip Pencils are absolutely beautiful - so creamy and comfortable and yet longwearing. 010 is my perfect "my lips but better" shade - just the slightest bit deeper and rosier than my natural lip color. I've then been topping it with the NARS Lip Gloss in Chelsea Girls. I've had this shade on my wishlist since it came out, and I'm so happy to finally have it. I've been getting back into lip glosses lately (I just got one of the new Chanel ones a couple days ago - more on that soon), and this formula is lovely. It's not too sticky and yet not slippery - it will definitely stick around on your lips for awhile. Chelsea Girls is a perfect everyday beige-y pink shade that goes really well with the 010 Lip Pencil.

T - B | Bite 010, NARS Chelsea Girls, Bite 036, Lise Watier Jennifer

The Brown-y Nude

If I'm not wearing a pink-y nude, it's a brown nude. Again, I start this look with a Bite Beauty Lip Pencil - I just can't get enough of them. For the more brown look I use the shade 036, a taupe-y color with just a hint of rosiness. This shade really defines the lips and helps them look fuller without even having to overdraw them. On top, I've been using the Lise Watier Fondant Supreme Lipstick in Jennifer. I heard of these from Allana Davison's YouTube videos (if you don't watch her do it now, she's a gem), and she always gave them such high praise that I had to pick a couple up when they had a sale for International Women's Day. These are the most comfortable lipsticks I've ever tried. They feel just like a lip balm, but there's definitely enough pigment to consider them a lipstick rather than a tinted balm. The weartime is impressive, too, considering how creamy they are. Jennifer is the most beautiful nude - it looks pretty pale when swatched, but it lets some of your natural lip shade shine through, so it looks incredibly natural and goes with anything. Together with the lip liner, they make the perfect brown nude pairing that I just can't get enough of.

What are your favorite lip pairs for everyday?