A New Base Routine

Right around the time my Everyday Makeup Routine post went up, I of course decided to shake up my routine.  A lot of it remained basically the same, but I have made a change to how I apply my base in the mornings, so I thought I'd give you an update as I'm really loving this new combination of products. 

I start by applying a layer of the Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator in the shade 100 Bare Light.  Coming out of the tube, this looks much too yellow/golden for me but it's so sheer that it blends into my cool-toned skin and actually corrects some of my redness.  The soft shimmer in it doesn't appear sparkly on the face but rather diffuses the light so imperfections and spots become blurred.  It makes a good base and ensures that I can use less product on top of it.  It also has the very smooth, silky texture of a primer, yet it doesn't break me out like other primers do.  It definitely helps the staying power of my makeup.

Next I go in with the Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Stick Foundation.  I only use a thin layer on my chin, nose, and forehead, where I have some redness and acne scars. I also apply some of the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser concealer under my eyes (I'm currently testing the Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen for this as well), and I blend everything in using the Real Techniques Contour Brush.  I used to use the Expert Face Brush for blending in my concealer, but I found that the dense brush wiped some of the product away instead of blending it in.  The contour brush is softer and more flexible, so it blends in the product without wiping it away.

Sometimes I feel like this is enough coverage for me, but if I'm having a not-so-great skin day I'll go in with one more product, either the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer or the Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream as mentioned in my Everyday Makeup Routine. 

So the original base products haven't changed much, and it may seem like all I've done is add extra work for myself, but using the two extra products underneath the tinted moisturizer/BB cream in thin layers ensures that I can make sure my spots/redness are covered without using tons of the tinted moisturizer or BB cream. It actually feels like I have less on my face when I use all three products.  The thin layers also seem to make my makeup last longer, I've found.

Have you been trying any new base products lately?