Favorite "MLBB" Lip Products

As someone who doesn't like to be the center of attention, I feel like bold lips are a bit difficult for me to pull off.  Even if people tell me my hot pink lipstick looks great, I still feel weird and end up wiping it off before I go out into the world.  As a result, I tend to gravitate towards more neutral or "my lips but better" colors.  My lipstick box is overflowing with 'em, so I thought I'd go over some of my favorites.

My favorite of the bunch is definitely the Dior Lip Glow.  In the tube, this looks like an incredibly unflattering pale baby pink, but it magically works with your lips (although I was a chemistry major, I'm still not quite sure of the science of this) to bring out a customized-for-you pink shade.  This doesn't seem to add a color on top of my lips but rather bring out a natural-yet-brightening shade from within - my natural lips if they had more color.  The formula is great as well - a very nourishing, almost plumping balm. I would consider using this as a night treatment if it wasn't so pricey - it feels that nice on the lips.  I will definitely repurchase this when I run out despite the eye-watering price tag.

My other two favorites come from MAC.  The first is MAC's Viva Glam V.  This is a lustre finish, so it has a bit of shimmer in it, but it only helps to enhance the shape of your lips rather than looking glittery.  This is a sheer pinky-brown color that makes the natural color of my lips appear a bit darker.  This is one of those 90s-ish/Kylie Jenner shades that would look good on just about any skintone. Another one that's similar in color, though without the shimmer, is the Nyx Butter Lipstick in Pops.

The other MLBB offering I have from MAC is Syrup. This is also a lustre finish - I'm pretty sure they're my favorite kind of MAC lipsticks.  This is also a very neutral color, like Viva Glam V but instead of being a brownish color this one is more mauve-y.  This leaves a sheer wash of purple-y-pink that compliments my cool-toned skin nicely and is the one out of the two MAC colors I reach for more often.  My sister has found a dupe for this color in the Maybelline Color Elixirs in the shade Mauve Mystique - she wore it to her senior prom.

So there you have it, I've given you a true my-lips-but-better, a my-lips-but-browner, and a my-lips-but-mauvier.  What are your favorite MLBB lip products? Do you have any drugstore favorites I should try?