The (Budding) MAC Eyeshadow Collection

I first mentioned my love of the MAC eyeshadow in Sable in my November Favorites last year. It was my first MAC shadow, and an obsession has officially been born. Since picking up Sable, I've been able to control myself and only pick up two others, though I'm constantly dreaming of filling up one of the 15-pan palettes.

I'd still say Sable is my favorite of the three I have, and it probably will always be my favorite because I'm a sentimental sap like that (I could never part with my Naked2 palette because it was my first high-end makeup purchase ever). It's a gorgeous color, yet hard to pinpoint. Is it purple? Is it bronze? Is it taupe? I guess it's a mix of all three. It's comparable to the famous Satin Taupe (which I don't have, but swatched next to Sable when deciding which to pick up), but a little warmer and more purple. It looks lovely with my skintone and really accentuates my eyes. It also pairs really nicely with the By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock. I like wearing this all over the lid and blended up into the crease - it's one of those cool shadows that seems to change color a little when blended. One and done.

I picked up the next two in the same outing, but the first one I decided on was Woodwinked. Like Sable, this also changes color when blended, though it's much more of a pronounced difference. It's a beautiful metallic warm bronze when packed onto the lid, and becomes a deeper brown (the perfect crease shade) when blended. I think this color would be perfect for both summer and fall makeup, so I know I'll really get a lot of use out of it.

The last MAC eyeshadow I have is Sumptuous Olive. I'll admit, I didn't want this one to begin with, but when I found out Patina was out of stock when I was already at the register, I just picked the one I had swatched on my hand next to it. But I've surprisingly been wearing it quite a lot. It's another difficult to name color, with hints of green, gold, and bronze, and it really complements my brown eyes. Like the other two (sorry for sounding like a broken record), it changes color when blended. When packed onto the lid it's more of the green/gold, but blended it becomes a darker bronze/brown color. I really love my quick one-shadow looks. I've been loving smudging this under my eyes as well for a more grunge look (I don't know why but something about the color just makes me want to go for more 90s/grunge looks), and I absolutely love it paired with my brown-toned lip colors, like the Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in Lolita or the Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry.

I've been talking about MAC eyeshadows long enough now to know I definitely want to start building a palette, so please leave me your favorites in the comments below! I've already got my eye on All That Glitters and Patina.