What's in my Carryon Bag?

By the time you’re reading this, I will be in Washington, D.C.! I’m here for a few days to do some typical tourist-y things, like see the monuments and spend as much time as possible in museums. I'm definitely going to be taking a trip to the National Gallery of Art and my favorite museum, the Smithsonian Museum of American History. They’ve got Mr. Rogers’s sweater, Oscar the Grouch (edit: this time they had the Count instead), the Ruby Slippers, and Julia Child’s kitchen there - my little pop culture-obsessed heart almost can’t take it. 

Anyway, I thought I’d give you a little tour of my carryon bag. It was a quick flight, only about an hour, so I didn’t need to bring much. I did have to be prepared for the day though, as we arrived at 8am and couldn’t check into our hotel until the afternoon.

I had to bring my laptop with me - I don't think I could live for four days without it (marble decal from this Etsy Shop). I probably didn't use it on the plane (it's weird writing things in advance sometimes), but I wouldn't want to put it in my checked bag anyway. I've also of course got my phone, the iPhone 5S, and a book to read - I've decided I'm finally going to get around to reading The Picture of Dorian Gray. I had my wallet too, of course, but it didn't fit nicely in the picture.

Our flight was super early in the morning, so I had to get up at about 4am. There's no way I was going to put on makeup that early. But since we didn't have a chance to settle in our hotel before going out for a day full of activities, I wanted to put a quick look together at the end of the flight. Just a quick slap of tinted moisturizer, concealer (a must if I'm getting up at 4am), something to define the brows and lashline, some mascara, and a hydrating lip product. I also recently got the Pixi Glow Mist, and since it's small enough to bring on the plane and I'm so prone to dehydration, I brought it to keep my skin hydrated throughout the flight. I also brought some miscellaneous essentials (that I hadn't picked up before taking the pictures), like eye drops, hand sanitizer, and gum.

And if you're wondering, I took this lovely little backpack from H&M to carry all this around (mine is in brown, which is oddly not a choice on the website).

The rest of my makeup and skincare is going in my checked bag, so stay tuned for Tuesday's post to see what else I brought!