The Neutral Lip: Revisited

For me, this trend is here for good. If you saw my Neutral Lip post from a few months ago, you’ll know I love me a brown-toned 90s-ish nude. My collection has all but exploded with them since that last post, from pure browns to some more pink options, so I thought I’d go over a few of my new additions and favorites.

Clarins Rosewood, MAC Velvet Teddy, MAC Brave, NARS Rikugien, NARS Anita, Kat Von D Lolita (studded), Kat Von D Lolita (liquid), Nyx Cannes

Clarins Rosewood, MAC Velvet Teddy, MAC Brave, NARS Rikugien, NARS Anita, Kat Von D Lolita (studded), Kat Von D Lolita (liquid), Nyx Cannes

Starting with the sheerest, if you want a gloss, look no further than the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Rosewood. I adore these glosses because they feel like a balm on the lips and are never sticky. The shade Rosewood is a sheer browny-rose color that is a great way to introduce yourself to these neutrals.

Hands-down the most hyped of the bunch is the famous MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy. This one is a true brown/beige-toned neutral that despite its matte finish, really adds depth and fullness to the lips. It feels quite creamy for a matte formula, and I find it doesn't really dry out my finicky lips. This one is perfectly paired with MAC’s lip liner in Whirl.

Another new addition to my collection from MAC is their lipstick in Brave. It’s still neutral in tone like Velvet Teddy, but much pinker. If you want that Kylie Jenner lip but don’t like the brown tones, go for this one. This pairs perfectly with the Soar lip pencil.

I’ve also got two neutral options from NARS that are pretty similar in color but different in formula and finish. I wrote a post dedicated to what I dubbed the “Perfect Everyday Lip” all about the NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien. I love the formula of the Satin Lip Pencils - creamy yet not too glossy, and long-lasting without being drying. Rikugien is the most perfect my-lips-but-better shade for me, so it’s one I reach for almost daily. A similar pick is the NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anita. I’d say this is a touch warmer than the pencil, but still falls in that neutral/MLBB territory. I have a post about it here. The Audacious Lipsticks really have one of if not my number one favorite formula - creamy and highly pigmented with a luminous satin finish. I’m surprised I’ve only managed to get my hands on two shades, but digging this out of my collection has definitely started me itching for more.

Next I’ve got two products from the same brand that even have the same shade name - the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick and the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, both in the shade Lolita. Despite having the same name, the colors actually differ quite a bit on the lips. The Studded Lipstick appears lighter and has more of a red tone, while the liquid lipstick is much darker and more brown-based. I’ve heard some people find the Studded lipsticks difficult to work with, but the shade I have applies easily and doesn’t dry my lips out too much, considering it’s a matte lipstick. The liquid lipstick is amazing though - you do have to use some care to apply it neatly, but once it sets it’ll be there all day. Some liquid lipsticks result in the need to pamper and nurse my lips for a day or two after wear, but that’s never been an issue with this one.

Lastly, I’ve got a budget option and a sort-of dupe for you. The Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes has finally come into my possession after being sold out for ages, and I’d say it’s a good cross-dupe for the two Kat Von D products. It's similar in formula to the Liquid Lipstick (although not nearly as long-lasting), and similar in color to the traditional lipstick.

Are you still into the neutral lip trend?

*Special thanks to Brett for taking the swatch picture for me, I'm terrible at taking them on my own!*