Sick Day Essentials

Since I'm just now getting over a cold that seemed to wipe out most of the people at work last week, I thought it would be a good time to share my picks to make a sick day as enjoyable as possible. When I'm sick with a cold, I want nothing more than to just lay in bed watching movies all day, but sometimes you do still have to get up and about.


First things first, if I've decided to stay home for the day, I get myself a big glass of water and pile on the moisturizing skincare. Nothing makes me feel sicker than being dehydrated. You will need:

A good face mask | Layering on something like the Fresh Rose Face Mask feels amazing when you're sick. It's immediately cooling and soothing, so it's not only great if you're dehydrated but also if you're feeling feverish. This is one that I like to just let sink in for awhile rather than washing it off after twenty or so minutes, so it really allows you to stay in bed for longer, too. This is just like a shot of hydration for the skin, so it's definitely a great one to use to keep a cold from drying out your skin.

A good face oil | Once I do get up and wash the mask off my face, I like to really moisturize the skin with a nice face oil. A recent favorite has been the Antipodes Divine Face Oil because my skin just really drinks it up. This is one that makes my skin look so juicy, almost like I'm not sick at all. Because of the rosehip oil, it really adds a nice, bright glow to the skin - a plus if your sickness makes your skin look dull and gray. Sometimes when I'm sick, though, my skin feels rather delicate and easily irritated, so I'll reach for nothing but the Indie Lee Squalene Facial Oil. It's so moisturizing on the skin and yet so lightweight. It sinks right in and has no scent whatsoever, so it never upsets my skin and leaves it feeling totally plumped and soothed.

A good lip balm/dry spot-fixer | Along with the dehydrated skin, I'm incredibly prone to dry, chapped lips when I get sick. Having to breathe through your mouth really does that. My favorite ever lip balm that immediately takes care of my dry lips is the Glossier Balm Dotcom. It immediately adds life back to my sore lips and helps them get back to their normal state (in fact, when I had a really bad reaction on my lips, using the Balm Dotcom really brought them back to their healthy state). The Balm Dotcom is scentless and can be used on dry patches anywhere, making it the perfect sick day product. Got a sore nose from too many tissues? Just dab a little Balm Dotcom on there and you're all set.

Something to binge watch | Probably the most important thing, am I right? If you're going to be spending all that time in bed, you're going to need a marathon of something to watch. I'm quite partial to a nice binge-watching session of Gilmore Girls or maybe a marathon of old movies - all musicals, of course. 


Sometimes, you've got no time to spare and still have to get on with your life despite being sick. For those days, you'll need:

A luminizing moisturizer | Since my skin gets so dehydrated, I like to layer two lighter moisturizers on top of each other. My second one is always a luminizing one to bring some light back into the skin. My favorite is the MAC Strobe Cream. It's really moisturizing and has a nice, light scent. It gives such a brightness to the skin without any discernible shimmer. This will really help add some life back into the skin.

A non-caking concealer | If you're like me, you've probably been up all night coughing and sneezing and have some pretty impressive dark circles going on. Usually for me, sickness and makeup do not mix and everything goes quite cakey on my dehydrated skin. But the Clarins Instant Concealer is another story. Since it's water-based it feels so light on the skin and never clings to dry patches. I use this one under my eyes and on any redness - it unfortunately cannot withstand multiple nose-blowing sessions, but really what concealer can?

A complexion-brightening tinted lip balm | Once you've got your dark circles covered up, my last suggestion is a tinted lip balm to bring some life back to the face. My favorite is the Dior Addict Lip Glow, since it adjusts to a specific shade supposedly perfect for you. It just adds a nice pink flush to the lips to get you on your way to looking healthy again. It's also really nourishing on the lips, so you're not losing out on anything by having the tint.

What are your sick day essentials? Are you more of a "staying in" or "getting on with your life" person?