Autumn Eyeshadow Favorites

If you read my Makeup Lately post from Thursday, you'll know I haven't actually been wearing eyeshadow lately. But generally, autumn is the time when I get really into wearing eyeshadow and get a little bit out of my comfort zone of neutral browns. There are quite a few in my collection that will be perfect for the season - just looking at them all laid out like this is making me want to scrap my lazy eyeshadow ways.

The most perfect eyeshadow product for fall ever, in my opinion, is the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in The Dolce Vita. It's purely for that amazing coppery-red shade. All four colors pair together to make the most beautiful, fall-appropriate eye look. Or, for everyday, I like wearing the champagne shade all over the lid, a tiny bit of the red in the crease, and a little bit of the dark brown smudged into my lashline. I save the awesome glitter shade for special occasions.

Before I move on to single eyeshadows, I'll mention my two favorite palettes for fall that have you covered for any look and tone. The Urban Decay Naked2 Palette will always hold a special place in my heart, so I pretty much wear it all year round. But I think the cool toned shades in this palette would make for a really unique fall look, especially paired with a cooler-toned purple vampy lip. I usually go for something like Suspect or YDK on the lid with Snakebite or Tease in the crease. Every time I use this palette I'm always baffled as to why I don't use it more often - it's just gorgeous, and it's probably my favorite of the Naked palettes. The other palette is on the total other end of the temperature spectrum, with mostly lovely warm shades. The Lorac Pro Palette is another that would work year-round, but the inclusion of those beautiful golds and reds make it perfect to put together a warm fall eye look. My go-to colors in this palette are usually Champagne, Light Bronze, Pewter, and Mauve, but come fall I start dipping my brush into Garnet, Gold, and Sable more and more. Another "honorable mention" palette that I absolutely can't believe I didn't include in the picture is the BECCA Ombre Rouge Eye Palette. I wrote a full review here, and it's just the perfect everyday palette for fall - warm tones, matte shadows, check, check.

If you know me, most times I tend to reach for a cream eyeshadow over a powder one because they're just so quick and easy to use. The cream eyeshadow I'll be reaching for the most this fall will definitely be the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadow in Mona Lisa. Marie Antionette was my everyday bronze shade for the summer, and the deeper tones of Mona Lisa make it the perfect fall counterpart. It's the most beautiful warm chocolatey color that looks almost molten on the eye. It's absolutely stunning, and these are definitely my favorite cream eyeshadow formula. If I'm going for an eyeshadow stick, I'll probably reach for the Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 37, which is a gorgeous burgundy shade. I'll probably wear this concentrated on the lid and then blended out with a warm brown (probably from the BECCA palette I mentioned above) to make it a little more wearable for every day. Another good Kiko option is shade 05, which is a super close dupe to By Terry's Misty Rock (another great fall color).

A great cream/powder hybrid are the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows. Seriously, you have not lived until you've felt the consistency of these babies. The shade Boy Band is the ultimate fall shade. It's just coppery bronze-y goodness in a pan that's just absolutely stunning.

Straying from the pure bronzes a little are two of my favorite MAC Eyeshadows in Sumptuous Olive and Sable. Sumptuous Olive is, like the name suggests, a really pretty olive green color. It's got a bit of gold in there too, so it's not a totally crazy green eyeshadow and one that still fits within my neutral comfort zone. Sable is closer to a traditional bronze, but with a nice purple/burgundy tone to it - it actually looks really nice over Misty Rock.

I've saved the most majestic for last: the Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow in Synergy. This is definitely the most beautiful bronze eyeshadow I've ever seen. The color in the pan does not do it justice. On the eyes it's just so metallic and complex and it's just beautiful. I wrote a review of these eyeshadows here. They're such an amazing eyeshadow formulation - seriously, go give them a swatch.

What are your favorite eyeshadows for fall?