Pat McGrath Metalmorphosis 005

A couple months ago, I spotted Pat McGrath teasing her latest product on her Instagram - models during fashion week were strutting around with the most BEAUTIFUL silver inner corner highlight. At the time, she wasn't explicit about what the new product would be, but I knew I would need it. Show me anything sparkly and I'm going to need it, regardless of my penchant for "barely there" makeup. The latest addition to the Pat McGrath Labs family is Metalmorphosis 005, a selection of four metallic creams and pigments, a mixing medium, and a double-ended black liquid liner with a precise felt tip and a bold chisel tip.

The products come in single-color kits, where you get the cream and powder pigments in Gold (her original product, Gold 001), Silver, Copper, or Bronze, the Mehron Mixing Liquid, and the double-ended liner. You can also get the Everything Kit (which is what I opted for because I couldn't pick just one color to get), and you can also get the liner on its own. I like that they've been coming out with more options on how to get the products (even though I went for the whole hog this time).

Like I said, my go-to look leans more on the natural side, so these products don't exactly seem like something I'd get a lot of use out of. But all I could think of were different looks I could do with them, and I was getting so inspired by Pat McGrath's Instagram photos and videos promoting the latest set that I knew I needed it - while I may not use it when I do my makeup for work, I know I'll still get lots of use out of it and it'll really help me get creative. That makes the set more than worth it to me.

As for the products themselves, they're simply stunning. My favorites are the cream pigments - they're SO smooth and are almost powder-to-cream if that makes sense. They're incredibly pigmented, but they're not crazily metallic - I can get away with wearing one of the creams on its own to work. The powder pigments are magical. They don't feel as smooth as the creams, but they're a pressed glitter pigment, so they're really not supposed to be. These are also insanely pigmented and give a gorgeous metallic finish even when used dry. They become even more stunning when you apply them with a brush wet with the included mixing liquid. The result looks almost molten. For a quick yet dramatic look, I've been smudging on some of the cream and patting the matching powder on top. The result is stunning. And I've been practicing my winged eyeliner skills because I've got a vision in my mind for a killer metallic copper wing using the powder pigment mixed with the liquid - I will definitely be doing a post on that look if I can get it to look good!

I haven't tried the liner on my eyes yet (because I'm pretty terrible at liquid liner), but when swatched this applies ultra-smoothly and is super black, and it was really hard to wash off. I have high hopes for it lasting on my oily eyelids once I get around to wearing it. I do apologize I didn't get to properly test it, but I wanted to get this review up before the kits sold out!

I'm so glad I jumped at the chance to get this set, because it's got me feeling so inspired and motivated to play with makeup more. I am still kicking myself for missing out on the lip kits, so this was definitely a necessity for me. 

Are you going to try to get any of these kits? What's your favorite of the pigment colors included?