The Korean Beauty Haul + First Impressions

I've been growing bored with my skincare routine, and a few nasty breakouts in the last few weeks have convinced me I needed a change. My skin always seems to love any Korean skincare I try, so I knew just where to start.

You may have seen me mention on my Instagram that my work gave us Amazon giftcards for Christmas, and I immediately started looking up lists of the best beauty products to find there. List after list only mentioned Kbeauty, so I was sold. I first added the Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence - I've wanted to try this for ages after learning it was a dupe for the super expensive essence by SK-II. I've been using it morning and night for about a week, and I can definitely tell a difference in my skin. The results aren't dramatic or entirely visible, but I can just feel that it's doing something. My skin feels so much smoother, and it appears to be making my pores look smaller. I'm in love.

I also decided on the Su:m 37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick. I was super intrigued by a cleanser in stick form, and while this basically made it a bar of soap, it's advertised as having a low pH so I knew it wouldn't strip my skin. This is so lovely - it smells beautiful and really does make the skin feel super clean, but not squeaky or stripped. The last thing I picked up from Amazon was the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. I didn't have any sleep masks, and I was thinking I could really use one with the cold weather rolling in. I really like this as well - I use it over my normal night cream and it helps to lock everything in. My skin feels super plump and rejuvenated come morning. It did take some getting used to because it absorbs quite quickly, leaving more of a film on your face, and I had been used to the feeling of layers and layers of oils and creams before I go to bed. 

Before the Amazon order, I had made an order on Wishtrend a while ago, and it just came in on Friday. I went there first for the I'm From Honey Mask, which I saw in a Gothamista video. It looked absolutely perfect. I used it for the first time last night and it felt like just the thing my skin needed (I had a bit of a stomach bug yesterday, so my skin was really feeling dried out and dehydrated). It's a creamy honey consistency, and it contains 38.7% pure honey - super impressive. It came with a silicone applicator that I'll probably be using for all face masks - it applied a nice, even layer. My skin felt so nourished and refreshed upon washing the mask off. I can tell it's going to be a new favorite.

I also had to pick up something from Klairs - I was sent a few things from the brand a couple months ago, and I fell in love with everything. I decided to pick up their Rich Moist Soothing Serum, as it sounded like just the thing my constantly flushed and dehydrated skin needed. Again, I used it for the first time last night and was instantly impressed. I had been skipping out on serum lately and just using an oil before my moisturizer, but I'll definitely be slotting this serum into my routine. As much as I hate the word, it really did make my skin feel "moist." Once I test this a bit more I'm going to do a post on Klairs, as it really is overdue.

The last thing I got was the CosRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid. I've seen this mentioned all the time, so I knew it was something I would want to try. It's supposed to gently exfoliate to rid the skin of blackheads and prevent blemishes. Of course my pores haven't felt as clogged as of late (I think it's down to using that Missha Essence), so I haven't tried this yet. But I will report back! 

I've fallen hard for all things Kbeauty, so please do leave your suggestions below! I'm interested in venturing into makeup as well - I was just sent some lip crayons from Missha so keep an eye out for a post on those soon. Have you tried any new skincare lately?