Colourpop Haul & First Impressions

A couple weeks ago I saw on Colourpop's snapchat that they were going to be releasing a new formula of their Lippie Stix. I fell in love with two of the colors they swatched, and I thought hey, I haven't ordered anything from there since August, so why not pick some up. I camped out by my computer around launch time because I had heard they were going to sell out, and while I was waiting I added a fair few other things I've been wanting since last summer to my basket. In the end I came away with the two shades of the Matte X Lippie Stix I had fallen in love with - Cami and Pillow Talk, a Lippie Stix (stick?) in the shade Aquarius, two of the Ultra Satin Lips in Toolips and Frick N Frack, two of the Super Shock Cheek blushes in Aphrodisiac and Birthday Suit, and one of their Creme Gel Liners in Brew-Haha. It sounds like a lot, but Colourpop is so affordable and always has $5 off promotions, so I think I only spent around $40 for all this.

L to R: Toolips, Frick N Frack, Pillow Talk, Cami, Aquarius, Aphrodisiac, Birthday Suit, Brew-Haha

L to R: Toolips, Frick N Frack, Pillow Talk, Cami, Aquarius, Aphrodisiac, Birthday Suit, Brew-Haha

Ultra Satin Lips | I had wanted to try these since they launched but just never got around to it. I really like Colourpop's Ultra Matte Lips, but I don't tend to reach for them often because they're quite drying. This formula, though, is much more mousse-y and creamy on the lips. Of course this leads to transfer and having to touch it up throughout the day, but I'll take that in exchange for the comfort. The shade Frick N Frack had been on my list for awhile - it's just a nice neutral shade. On me, it has a bit of a warm terracotta tone to it, but not so much that it pulls orange. TooLips is a super stunning deep vampy shade. It's kind of purple, kind of brown, and kind of gray. I definitely don't have anything like it in my collection. 

Lippie Stix | As I said, I picked up two shades of their new Matte X formula. This is meant to be even more matte than their matte formula with super intense pigment and a lightweight, almost gel-like feel. They certainly are super matte, but they're still a comfortable matte. They last a lot longer than the original matte formula, I've noticed. Pillow Talk is a cool true brown shade (that reads as pretty much neutral on me - perfect for a 90s lip look), and Cami is a lovely mauve-y pink - it's actually very similar to Lumiere. The third Lippie Stix (again, stick?) I got was a creme formula in Aquarius, which is one of their collaborations with KathleenLights. It's a super nice nude shade. I've been getting more into nudes lately for spring and summer, and this one might by my new favorite. It has the perfect balance of peach and pink tones.

Super Shock Cheeks | I went for two blushes because I had yet to try any. Colourpop's signature unique mousse-y powder formula lends itself perfectly to cheek products. Both of the shades are super easy to dab onto the cheeks and blend out with fingers or with a stippling brush. Birthday Suit is a really nice neutral pink shade (my favorite) with a satin finish - it really perks up the cheeks and goes with any look. Aphrodisiac is marketed as more of a contour shade, but I've been loving it worn higher up on the cheekbones for a more sculpted look (like I do with Tarte's Exposed blush). On me, it's a nice taupe-y shade with a pink tone.

Creme Gel Liner | I've been out of my everyday brown liner for awhile now, so I took the opportunity to pick up the gel liner stick in Brew-Haha, a deep black-brown. This has instantly become my favorite eyeliner ever. It literally does not budge, even from the waterline on days when my allergies are particularly bad. It applies like a dream and is easily smudged out if you work fast. It was such a nice surprise to find a new go-to product. I've been reaching for all of my new products often (except maybe Toolips), but I've legitimately used this every day I've worn makeup.

What are your favorites from Colourpop? Any suggestions on what I need next?