TLC For Your Skin with When Masks

One of my favorite things to do on a pamper evening is use a sheet mask. Since my skin is on the dry and dull side, they're an easy way to instantly perk up my skin and make it look miles healthier. When I got the chance to try out some sheet masks from the brand When, I jumped at it.

When's masks are made of a bio-cellulose material, which feels a lot like the hydrogel material some sheet masks are made of. When's bio-cellulose comes from coconuts and is ultra-gentle, gentle enough to use on burn patients. Most sheet masks are just cotton sheets, but I find the bio-cellulose to be a nice luxury. It really makes the masks feel like a much nicer quality, and they are able to hold 100 times their weight in essence - that's 10 times more than your typical fabric/paper sheet mask. You're getting a much more concentrated dose of the essence, meaning they are ultimately more effective in treating whatever is ailing your skin. The bio-cellulose material makes the masks thicker and more sturdy so I find they're much easier to apply to the face and adhere really well without sliding around - I actually was able to vacuum my whole apartment with one on without having to stop and adjust it. This makes it super convenient, because you can really wear them any time - you don't have to set aside an hour to sit and do nothing. The material also helps it stay wet for a longer period of time - the directions say to leave them on for half an hour, but I've found I can get around an hour of wear.

When's concept is that they have a mask for any occasion - there's the Travelmate (to refresh jetlagged skin), 10:00PM (for tired skin), Snow Magic (for dull skin), the Glamour Base (to prep skin), and the Last Choice (for thirsty skin). I received the 10:00PM*, Glamour Base*, and the Last Choice* masks for review.

10:00PM | My skin always tends to feel a bit worn out, so I broke open this one first. After using this mask my skin felt a lot firmer and more plump, and it also looked brighter. I found that it tightened my pores as well, and it gave my skin a good glow. It definitely perked my skin up. This would be a great one for the end of a long day, or for a morning after you've stayed up too late.

The Last Choice | When asked which mask I'd like to try the most, this was it for me. I love anything ultra hydrating that promises to give my skin a good drink. I could actually feel my skin "drinking" this one in. It almost had a bit of a tingling feeling to it - not the stinging kind of tingling you'd get from an exfoliating product, but a nice, soft tingle. It really made me feel like it was working. I tried this one night after using a moisturizer that wasn't hydrating enough, so I had a bit of flaking going on. It instantly got rid of the flakiness and I was left with completely nourished skin. This mask lasted over an hour without drying out, which says a lot about how hydrating it is. This one also evened out my skin and helped get rid of redness.

The Glamour Base | I just love the names for these. This one is meant to use pre-makeup, so I saved it for a Saturday morning. It felt heavenly after staying up late the night before (eating ice cream and playing video games). As it was on, I could really feel it calming my skin - I think this was the most cooling of the three I tried. My skin was left super bright and glowing afterwards, so it's no wonder it's recommended to use before a big event. It really plumped up my skin as well, so makeup just glided right on. After taking the mask off I was left with a bit of tacky hydration, which was great because it acted as a nice primer. I really felt it helped adhere my makeup to my skin, and it lasted quite a bit longer than usual.

These are probably my favorite masks I've ever tried - I'm definitely converted to the bio-cellulose material. I love that there's a concept behind each one and that the name reflects that. When masks can be bought from Sephora, Ulta, Anthropologie (online only), Bartell Drugs, (online only), Birchbox (online only), Rickys NYC, and Starboard Cruise Services. I highly recommend trying at least one out.

Have you tried When Masks before?

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