Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish 003

If there's one thing I can't resist, it's a hyped-up highlighter. When I first saw the announcement that world-renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath would be releasing a highlighting kit to recreate her signature "lit from within" skin, I knew I'd have to have it. Her new Skin Fetish 003 kit comes with a dual-sided cream highlighter and balm stick, a borderline-holographic pressed pigment, and a brush sourced from Japan made to apply the pigment perfectly. I was able to pick my set up from Sephora (heads up - they're restocking today!), and I went for the Nude shade.

Let's start with how this baby comes packaged. It comes in a sealed bag absolutely stuffed full of sequins, which is probably the coolest thing ever. It was quite the feat to get the products out without getting the sequins all over the place. I'm a bit of a packaging hoarder, so I of course dumped the sequins into a resealable bag that's now sitting on my desk.

Right to Left: balm, cream highlight, pigment, cream highlight with pigment on top

Right to Left: balm, cream highlight, pigment, cream highlight with pigment on top

Although I've got a whole drawer full of highlighters, I've come to find this set is really all you need. The balm is good for days you really want that glossy, "wet" look. It glides effortlessly onto the skin. The cream highlighter end of the stick is perfect for days when you just want a natural glow. It's definitely noticeable, but the formula is so impeccable that it just looks like your own skin's sheen. There's not a shimmer or glitter particle in sight. This is a more stiff product than I'm used to in a cream, though I find it doesn't move my makeup around if I apply it straight from the stick. It blends out easily with fingers, and because of the drier texture, it stays put all day. The pigment is definitely what you need if you're after a unique, ethereal glow. McGrath calls the look "aliengelic." It almost has a bit of a duochrome finish to it that you can even see in the pan. The Nude shade has a pink shift to it that looks perfectly natural on my fair skin. The brush is now my go-to no matter what highlighter I'm wearing. It's got a mix of long and short hairs on it, so it picks up the perfect amount and effortlessly blends it onto the skin.

Using the products in conjunction with one another really creates the most intense glow I've ever seen. Because I'm not one for subtlety (when it comes to highlighting at least), I've been streaking on the highlighter first, patting a little of the balm on top, and finally brushing on a little bit of the pigment over the top. It really creates a "wow" glow that will catch everyone's attention. These have absolutely become my favorite products to reach for when adding a glow, and I'd highly recommend trying to get one, either from the brand's own website or Sephora.

Have you tried the Skin Fetish yet?