Finding Your Signature Scent with The Fragrance Outlet

One of the most mysterious, sought-after beauty enigmas is the "signature scent." Many people are after that one fragrance that is inherently the essence of themselves. It will remind other people of them, and it fits their general aesthetic and demeanor. This can be quite a difficult thing to find, but The Fragrance Outlet is here to make your search easier.

The Fragrance Outlet, one of the country's largest homes of designer fragrances, has recently launched their brand new e-commerce site. They're also the destination to get your fragrances at the best price - they offer markdowns on their fragrances, so you're always getting the best price possible. Their new website is super easy to use - on the home page you're met with choices on whether you want to shop by women's and men's fragrances or by brand. They also have an easy-to-find tab for their sale section, in case your next perfume love is there. They have such a wide range of brands available, you'd be sure to find the perfect one. There are so many well-known fragrance brands, like Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs, among dozens of others. They also have many products exclusive to them as well - one is the Bamboo Eau de Parfum Spray for Women*, a scent designed by Franck Olivier.

The scent is inspired by the bamboo plant, bringing to mind something fresh and green. It contains fresh top notes like blackcurrant and ivy, floral middle notes like rose, lily, and freesia, and warmer base notes like musk and vetiver. This makes for such a complex fragrance that I feel would work well in both the warm and cool months. I'm smitten with it for sure. I love that the website lists the notes for you, as I'm absolutely terrible at describing scents. If you search for fragrances you know you love, you'll be able to identify notes you typically enjoy - you can then find other scents you'll likely be drawn to.

Overall, I'm super pleased with my experience on The Fragrance Outlet's new site, and I'd definitely recommend perusing it if you're looking for a new perfume or cologne.

Have you ordered anything from The Fragrance Outlet before?

*This post was powered by Brandbacker, and the Bamboo Eau de Parfum was provided to me for this review, but all opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.