The Barefaced Glow

If you counted up all the words I've dedicated to glow-giving products on this blog, I'm sure you'd have something of Gone with the Wind proportions. But I'm back with two more products I've been absolutely loving to cheat my way to sunkissed, glowy skin. 

I mentioned my new love of the Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Sun-Kissed last week in my Five to Try post, and I've grown even more obsessed with it in the week that's passed. This is the perfect shade of bronzer for me. It warms up the skin, but it has a slight reddish tone to it, so it really mimics a natural tan - at least it does for me, someone who only turns into a sweaty tomato in the sun rather than a bronze goddess. The powder is so finely-milled and soft that you can't even detect it on the skin. I usually prefer cream products for a natural look, but this one has quickly topped my usual picks. It really just looks like I've spent time out in the sun rather than threw a bunch of powder on my face. I like to wear this one on my cheekbones and also over the bridge of my nose - I kind of give myself a fake sunglasses tan, but in a cool way.

For the "glow" portion of this glow duo, nothing looks more natural on the skin than the 24/7 Touch-Up Skin Perfecting Cream. I mentioned this in my Peach & Lily Haul from a couple months ago. It's a makeup/skincare hybrid that not only adds a glow to the skin with the most undetectable shimmer ever, but provides anti-aging and brightening benefits for the skin as well. This is described as a "shimmer cream," but I certainly don't see any shimmer in it when I apply it to my skin. It just adds the most dewy-looking sheen that looks like I've just spent the last day bathing in moisturizers. It's been the perfect pick on more minimal makeup days - I can have an intense glow that still looks entirely like my own skin. It goes absolutely perfectly with the Urban Decay bronzer to get me on my way to that Bronzed Goddess status I so wish my pale Irish skin would allow.

What are your favorite products for a natural glow?