"Autumn Leaves" Eyeshadows

I know it's not technically autumn yet, but I've really been getting into more autumn-appropriate makeup. The one thing that changes the most between summer and fall for me is that I start wearing more eyeshadow (aka actually wearing any eyeshadow at all). I've been loving reds, browns, and golds because I basically want to make my eyes look like autumn leaves.

The oldest favorite here is the famous Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in The Dolce Vita. This is worth all the hype in my opinion - the shadows are buttery smooth and never powdery, They're pigmented but not so pigmented that you make a mess - they're easily controlled. You get a true champagne "prime" shade, a red-brown "enhance" shade, a deep chocolate brown "smoke" shade, and a brilliant golden bronze glitter "pop" shade. I don't wear it nearly enough, but I'm making a point to wear it a lot this fall.

Another quad I wanted to mention (because it's being discontinued tomorrow - insert all the crying emojis here) is the Colourpop x Jenn Im Jenn Ne Sais Quad. This seems like such a dupe for the Dolce Vita palette - you've got a slightly more golden/warm toned champagne shade, a beautiful red, a deep brown, and a matte medium beige - a perfect transition shade. The only major difference is the inclusion of the transition shade instead of the glitter shade, but the tones are pretty similar minus the glitter. I love Colourpop eyeshadows - they're a hybrid cream/powder that stick around really well on my oily lids. They apply best with fingers but are then easily blended out with a fluffy brush.

I just reviewed the Estee Edit Metallishadow in Scarlet Eclipse last week, but it's just so beautiful that I had to mention it again. It really gives that beautiful "autumn leaf" look with the deep red cream shadow and the bronze-y gold glitter on top. This makes for a more dramatic look than the two quads, but it's still something I've been wearing day to day.

The last palette I have to mention is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (review). I've been obsessed with this since it came out. Anastasia has my favorite formula of eyeshadows - they're incredibly pigmented, smooth, and blendable, and they last all day long on me with no creasing or fading. There are so many possible looks to create with this palette, but I love pairing shades like Primavera, Red Ochre, Cyprus Umber, and Realgar together for the ultimate warm-toned eye. I'll definitely be posting some eye looks I come up with on my Instagram, so keep an eye out there.

What are your favorite warm-toned eyeshadows? Have you tried wearing red eyeshadow?