Meet The Supers, Glossier's Take on Serums

The one thing I freak out about the most when it comes to beauty is when Glossier releases a new product. So I pretty much was doing backflips when I found out they were coming out with The Supers, three new serums to treat your skin's needs. The idea behind them is that you're "not just a skin type," so your products should be adaptable to whatever ailment pops up, whether you're feeling dull, dehydrated, or spotty. There's Super Glow,* Super Pure,* and Super Bounce,* and I'm obsessed with all three.

Super Glow vitamin C + magnesium | If you wake up feeling groggy and dull, this is the serum for you. Vitamin C helps to brighten the skin while Magnesium energizes to help disguise the fact you may have stayed up all night watching Stranger Things (been there). It has a super watery texture that absorbs into the skin instantly - perfect so I can move along with the rest of my skincare routine and get out the door faster.

Super Pure niacinamide + zinc | This serum is perfect for when your skin is feeling stressed and irritated, which is basically me after my 50-minute commute home every day. Niacinamide is great at reducing redness while Zinc calms blemishes, and you can literally feel it soothing your skin the moment you put it on. When I first read the press release, this was the one I saw myself using the least, but in the short week I've been testing these it's been my favorite. I've been having lots of skin issues this week, from blemishes to rashy red blotches, and this has really helped calm all that down with nightly use. It's a watery-gel consistency that feels both nourishing and cooling on the skin.

Super Bounce hyaluronic acid + vitamin B5 | Now this is the one I saw myself falling in love with. I'm practically part lizard once the weather cools down, so having an extra little something to combat my reptilian skin is perfect. Hyaluronic Acid delivers tons of moisture to the skin while Vitamin B5 restores elasticity. This has a lovely cushion-y (it does contain silicone, but it doesn't break out my finicky skin) and milky texture that really plumps up and hydrates the skin without feeling sticky or greasy. I've been combining a little of this with the other two serums (with Super Glow in the morning and Super Pure at night) to give them both an extra little kick.

I think Glossier's really onto something here - pared down products that really work. Whenever my skin starts freaking out, I take a look at my routine and bring it back to basics, and my pieces from Glossier always help solve everything.

The Supers will be available Monday, September 12th for $28 each or $65 for The Super Pack containing all three. Make sure you shop through my page ( for 10% off your first order! Details here

Are you as excited about The Supers as I am? Let me know what you think when you try them!

*Products mentioned were sent to me for review, but all opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.