Hourglass First Impressions | Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush Palette & GIRL Lip Stylos

I always forget what a stunning brand Hourglass is. I've only tried a few products from the range so far, but I've fallen head over heels for all of them. The release of the new GIRL Lip Stylos really caught my eye, being a lip product junkie and all that, so it inspired me to pick a couple new things from the brand to try. In the end I came away with two shades of the Lip Stylos and the newest blush palette.

Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush PaletteHourglass blushes are some of my favorites - I have the full size of Mood Exposure and wear it almost every time I go for a powder blush, and I used to have the first blush palette as well. When I saw the new blush palette, I knew I needed it - all three shades appealed to me. There's Incandescent Electra, a brightening coral shade that's in the permanent collection, Brilliant Nude, a warm nude shade that adds a lot of life to the face, and Euphoric Fusion, a stunning subtle purple shade that adds a lovely flush. The palette has the same beautiful formula as the full-size blushes, being super soft to the touch and finely-milled. These blushes are swirled together with the Strobe Lighting Powders, making these a little bit more glowy than the original blushes. They're not glittery at all though and really bring life to the skin. So far I'm loving the palette, though I'd suggest checking the marbling before buying - I wish my Brilliant Nude pan had more of the blush shade and less of the highlight shade.

T-B | Incandescent Electra, Brilliant Nude, Euphoric Fusion, Activist, Liberator

T-B | Incandescent Electra, Brilliant Nude, Euphoric Fusion, Activist, Liberator

GIRL Lip StyloI'm pretty much over the matte lip trend at the moment and have been gravitating towards more creamy, comfortable lipsticks. The GIRL Lip Stylos really caught my eye because of the promise to be as intense as a lipstick but still be soft and hydrating on the lips. I absolutely love the positivity of the shade names, too. I first went for Activist, a lovely rose shade (it would have worked nicely in my Valentine's Day Lipstick Edit), and I immediately fell in love with the formula. I went right back to Sephora that day to pick another shade. I'll segue here into the fact that every single shade in the line is beautiful - The Beauty Look Book and Makeup Sessions have the full line swatched on their blogs. It was so hard to pick a second shade, but in the end and after much swatching and asking my fiancee's opinion (thank you, Brett), I came away with Liberator, a super pretty berry shade. The formula is super pigmented and creamy, and yet they last a good amount of time on the lips - about four hours without eating. They fade evenly as well, and they do not dry out the lips. Because of their creamy texture, they're also easy to sheer out, making them even more versatile - I love wearing Liberator as a more sheer stain. I pretty much have every single shade on my wishlist now, and they're my favorite lip products at the moment.

Have you tried either of these new Hourglass products?