Glossier Cloud Paint is Here!

Maybe it's the promise of warm weather, or maybe I've subconsciously hopped on something that's already a trend, but I've really been getting back into blush lately. You all know my penchant for the "no blush-blush" look, but I've actually been wanting to wear more pops of color on my cheeks. Glossier was obviously way ahead of the game (as usual) and just dropped four beautiful gel-cream blush shades called Cloud Paint (10% off here) yesterday.

Top to Bottom | Beam, Puff, Dusk, Haze

Top to Bottom | Beam, Puff, Dusk, Haze

The shades of Cloud Paint are inspired by New York City sunsets - a beautiful gradient of pinks and peaches and berries. Beam is a peachy coral shade that adds a warm glow. Puff is a cool pink that brightens the skin. Dusk is a warm brown nude that adds definition to the skin. Haze is a beautiful berry that gives a perfectly natural flush.

The shades come out of the tubes super pigmented, but they blend out to more of a sheer wash of color, so you never end up with something too dramatic right off the bat. They're super buildable, which is important for me because I like to gradually build up color on my cheeks. I tend to have some natural rosiness, so I like to take it slow as to not go overboard. You only need the tiniest dab of color for each cheek, so these cute little tubes will certainly last awhile.

The Cloud Paints are formulated with collagen, which retains water to visibly plump the skin, a smooth gel system for easy application, and blurring powder pigments, which ensure an even finish that's never streaky. They do almost feel cushion-y and smooth as you blend them onto the cheeks. They remind me of a formula you'd find inside a cushion blush. I've found they apply best with fingers - they blend so easily and seamlessly into the skin, and once blended they really do make it look like you're just blushing from within. Their texture lends itself well to mixing and layering with multiple shades, too - Dusk mixes well with all of the other shades because it's neutral. Mixing Haze and Puff will give you a slightly deeper pink shade. Dusk and Beam make a beautiful warm bronze glow on the skin. My favorite pairing is Dusk and Puff because it turns into the perfect neutral pink, which is my ultimate favorite blush shade.

I always love cream products, but sometimes, even on my dry skin, they're not the most long-lasting. But with these, perhaps because of those "blurring powders," they actually set down and become like a second skin. They still look dewy and fresh, but they don't feel tacky to the touch. They last all day long on me, and usually blush is one of the first things my face eats up during the day. Haze even has a slight staining effect on my pale skin - it washes off at the end of the day, but it just helps keep it on that much better.

I also think these are the perfect four shades for Glossier to start out with because each one corresponds to a Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick Shade - I'll be posting pictures of the pairs on my Instagram soon. Beam and Cake make the perfect peachy pair, Puff and Like create a soft romantic pink look, Dusk and Leo give you all the 90s brown vibes, and Haze and Jam make it look like you were just running through a blueberry patch eating all the berries. 

The Cloud Paints are $18 for one or $30 for 2. If you shop through my rep page, you can get 10% off your first order. As a disclaimer I do make a commission on orders through my page, so if that makes you uncomfortable you can just shop through the normal Glossier website!

Glossier Cloud Paint Cream Blushes were sent to me for consideration, but all opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.