New In: Lip Products

One thing I've been trying really hard to do this year is wear more lip products on a daily basis. I got into the habit of only wearing a clear lip balm (even if I was wearing other makeup), and I had so many lip products sitting around unloved. Now that I've been wearing more and more, I've been (unfortunately for my bank account) stocking up on more lip products, too.

Marc Jacobs Poutliner Longwear Lip Liner PencilI've raved about this formula for awhile now - the shade Prim(rose) has been my holy grail for almost two years. I always wished they would release new shades, and recently, they did. I picked up Slow Burn as soon as I saw the new shades had dropped - it's a mauvey-pink shade that's always a staple in my collection. It has the same beautiful formula that I've come to love - super creamy and comfortable and yet the most long-lasting lip pencil I've ever tried.

Bite Beauty Lip PencilsThe release of the new Bite Beauty Lip Pencils is what made me crash and burn with my spending ban. These pencils are beautifully creamy despite being a traditional wooden pencil. They glide onto the lips so easily and are really comfortable, and they still last a decent amount of time. You just have to be careful not to press too hard when applying because the pencil can crumble a bit. I got the shades 010, a rosy neutral shade that's a perfect "my lips but better" for me, 024, a more vibrant rose shade, and 036, a deeper rosy taupe shade. I love all three, but I've been getting the most use out of 010.

T-B | Marc Jacobs Slow Burn; Bite Beauty 010, 024, 036; NARS Intriguing, Do Me Baby, Lonely Heart; Sephora Brown is Back, Blooming Rose; Trestique Nammos Pink, Tuscan Wine

T-B | Marc Jacobs Slow Burn; Bite Beauty 010, 024, 036; NARS Intriguing, Do Me Baby, Lonely Heart; Sephora Brown is Back, Blooming Rose; Trestique Nammos Pink, Tuscan Wine

NARS Velvet Matte Lip PencilsCan you believe I had never tried the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils before? They've always been on my list to try, and when they dropped ten new shades, I ended up ordering three of them. Funny story - I had put the three shades I was most interested in in my online cart, and I guess I ordered them while half asleep because I woke up to a confirmation email and no recollection of ordering them. I ended up with the shades Intriguing, a rose pink that pulls ever-so-slightly peachy on me, Do Me Baby, a beautiful deep brown-y rose, and Lonely Heart, a deep chocolate brown. I love the formula of these so much - they feel super lightweight on the lips and stay put for such a long time. I think I need a couple neutral shades like Bahama and Walkyrie, and I've wanted Dragon Girl for years.

Sephora Collection Color Lip Last Lipsticks | I've been a fan of the Cream Lip Stains from Sephora Collection for such a long time that I decided I needed to try another lip product from the line. The Color Lip Last Lipsticks are super matte on the lips, but still comfortable. The finish actually reminds me a bit of the NARS Lip Pencils mentioned above. I got the shades Brown is Back (04), a rosy brown, and Blooming Rose (06), a neutral rose. They're super wearable shades, and the formula is perfect for every day. If you have a favorite Sephora Collection product let me know, I'd love to try more!

Trestique Matte Color & Shiny Balm Lip Crayons* | I was sent a beautiful package from Trestique for Valentine's Day, and I've been trialling the lip products they included ever since. The Matte Color & Shiny Balm Crayons are, as the name suggests, a matte lip pencil on one end and a sheer, shiny matching balm on the other. These are super comfortable on the lips, and I love layering the two ends of the crayon to create a fuller-looking lip. I just dab the shiny balm in the center of my lips to add a little bit of shine and dimension. I have the shades Nammos Pink and Tuscan Wine.

Have you tried any new lip products lately?