Milk Makeup Eye Pigments | Review + Swatches

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know my love for Milk Makeup runs deep. I've amassed a decent collection of products (and I've reviewed them all on the blog - mostly last summer), and I've fallen for pretty much all of them. Team Milk Makeup recently took notice of my Instagram and added me to their PR list (!!!!), which I'm so incredibly grateful for, and it feels pretty surreal. To celebrate the launch of new shades of their Eye Pigment, I was recently sent the most generous package containing all eleven shades.

T-B | All Nighter, Silent Disco, Jam Room, Sesh, Peep Show, Rave, Gig, Mermaid Parade, After Party, Rager, Hotel Lobby

T-B | All Nighter, Silent Disco, Jam Room, Sesh, Peep Show, Rave, Gig, Mermaid Parade, After Party, Rager, Hotel Lobby

The Milk Makeup Eye Pigments* are intensely-pigmented cream eyeshadows in easy-to-use squeeze tubes. They promise to be long-wearing and fast-drying to prevent creasing (which is always an issue on my oily lids). The pigmentation on these babies is crazy. If you watched my Instagram Stories when I first unboxed these last week, you may have seen me swatching them. One tiny pinprick of product produced the most beautifully intense swatch. The swatches pictured here were also created using a teeny tiny amount of product, and every shade blends out to a smooth, even color - not a speck of patchiness with any of them. 

They have quite a mousse-y formula that spreads super easily, but the product doesn't really sheer out as you spread it - it just goes on and on. They dry rapidly so you have to work quickly to blend them out on the eyelids, but it's nothing too crazy. And once they set, they *set.* They stay put so well throughout the day on me, even without an eyeshadow primer (I have been using a concealer on my eyelids though - more on that later this week). The swatches on my arm took a lot of work to remove, but it hasn't been too strenuous of a job when the product is actually on my eyes.

These add such a beautiful foiled finish to the eyelids - my favorite shades so far have been After Party, the rose gold shade, and Hotel Lobby, the golden champagne. So far I've only used one shade at a time on my eyes, but they blend out super easily so I don't see why using two different shades would be a problem. They layer nicely to create a more intense look without caking or cracking. I can't wait to try out some of the bolder shades as a liner - how cool would that royal blue shade look?

I'm going to keep on playing with these and hopefully post some looks either on my Instagram or here on the blog, so stay tuned. If you have a particular look you'd like to see or a specific shade you'd like to see me use, please let me know! I'm feeling kind of inspired by the shades of Glossier Cloud Paint still, so I want to try my hand at some kind of gradient eye look using the purple, rose, and golden shades. And I wanted to say a *huge* thank you to Milk Makeup for sending me these because it's really helped me get out of my super minimal makeup rut - and thank you to all of you for supporting me and helping brands take notice!

Have you tried the Milk Makeup Eye Pigments?

*Milk Makeup Eye Pigments were sent to me for consideration, but all opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.