The Monthly Review | March

March absolutely flew by - all in all it was a good month. I picked out bridesmaids dresses, had a good month at work, and Brett graduated from the Police Academy!


This was another good month beauty-wise, meaning I spent more than I probably should have on new products. The month started out on a high note with the launch of Glossier's newest product, Cloud Paint* (review). These have been pretty much the only blushes I've used all month - they just look so natural on the skin. I keep thinking I have a definite favorite shade, but it changes every time I put one on - it's very rare that I've found a product where every color is flattering on my skin. I've also been using my custom MAC Palette (review) that my sister made me as an early birthday present nonstop. She filled it with the most perfect shades for me, and it's made me fall back in love with MAC. I've also fallen hard for the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder, which I reviewed on Wednesday, and the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer this month - I love the NARS Concealer so much that I bought a second shade to create my perfect shade match.

I've also gotten back into wearing perfume lately - at the beginning of the month I was using a sample of the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose. I'm a sucker for anything rose scented, and I love the smoky edge to this one. At the end of the month I finally treated myself to the Byredo Rose of No Man's Land Perfume Oil, and I could probably never wear another perfume again and be happy about it. It's probably the best-smelling perfume I've ever worn. I'm going to try to wrap my head around the scent and put up a more detailed post on it soon.

I actually have a fashion favorite this month, too - I finally ordered myself the Odette Earrings in Silver from Common Muse when I saw they were back in stock, and I couldn't be happier with them. I love everything on Common Muse's site, so I may have just started a dangerous habit. Their classic, minimal pieces really speak to me - I like that they're not overly dainty.


I had been meaning to start watching Grace & Frankie on Netflix for the longest time, and this month I finally did. I instantly fell in love and keep marathoning it on the weekends. It's such a funny and endearing show, and the whole cast is great. I also watched the entire second season of Love in one sitting when it was released this month - for some reason I don't even really like either main character, but I still can't get enough of the show and wish I could have Mickey's entire wardrobe.

Once again, I'm still on my Van Morrison/Simon & Garfunkel/Carole King kick, but with the release of Ed Sheeran's Divide, I've had some new stuff to listen to. I love pretty much every song on it, but I actually think Nancy Mulligan might be my favorite.

I got back into podcasts this month - the three I've been rotating between have been Fat Mascara, You Must Remember This, and My Dad Wrote a Porno. Fat Mascara was great this month especially because they had Emily Weiss, CEO and Founder of Glossier, on as their interviewee - it was definitely my favorite episode so far. You Must Remember This has been super interesting this month too, as the "Dead Blondes" series continues. There were three episodes dedicated to Marilyn Monroe, and as someone who has only seen two of her films, it was really fascinating to learn more about her life. And of course, my favorite thing to listen to on my way home from a long day at work is My Dad Wrote a Porno. It's a guy whose father has written a self-published erotic novel, and he and two of his friends get together every week to read a chapter. It's absolutely hilarious, and I'm sure people driving by me think I'm a maniac laughing in my car.

Other Highlights

One last physical object that's been a real treat to use this month has been my new camera! I upgraded from my five-year-old Canon Powershot to a Canon Rebel T5i - my first DSLR! It's been so much fun taking photos and learning all the settings, and I can already tell an improvement in my photos. The kit lens it came with has been great, but I also got myself a 50mm lens that I love using - I used the kit lens for the flatlay at the top of this post, but the other photos within the post were taken with the 50mm. 

Onto actual life highlights, I mentioned I picked out my bridesmaids dresses this month! My sister had a big fashion show trying on dress after dress until we settled on two she loved - one had a little bit of sparkle, so we decided that she would wear that one as my Maid of Honor, and then my other three bridesmaids would wear the other dress we loved. The other big thing this month was that Brett finally graduated from the Police Academy, and at the top of his class! I don't think I've ever felt more proud and happy for him. He starts his first official day on the job today!

I hope everyone had a great March and an even better April! What were the highlights of your month?