New In | Lip Products

Yes, I'm back with another "new in" post this week because yes, I've been buying/using too much stuff lately. Lip products are my go-to when I'm itching to try something new, and as a result I've collected a few new things worth mentioning recently.

MAC Lipglass, 'Nymphette' | After my "Falling for Lip Gloss" post last month, my friend Beti suggested I try one of MAC's newly repackaged (and maybe reformulated?) Lipglasses. That was all the enabling I needed so I hopped online and ordered the shade Nymphette - I remembered seeing it on Pinterest a while ago. It's a really pretty golden pink that's not too metallic, but just enough. I really like the formula, too - it feels kind of thick, but I like that in a gloss. It makes it feel like it's going to stick around for awhile. I've been reaching for this when my face needs some general perking-up because it does just that right away.

Glossier Generation G, 'Zip' (20% off) | My collection of Generation Gs is finally complete. I had avoided Zip because I was afraid it would pull orange on me (because everything does), but it surprisingly maintains its beautiful poppy red tone. It adds such a nice touch to an otherwise monochrome makeup look/outfit. I like that it's a bit more sheer, so you can wear it as more of a subtle wash or build it up for more pigment. I love the Generation G lipsticks, and so I'm glad to finally have them all.

Lancome Matte Shaker, 'Beige Vintage' | The Juicy Shakers were a bit of a let-down for me - they were nice, but I just never found myself using mine, so I ended up passing them on. I was still intrigued when Lancome released a matte counterpart, though, and ordered one of the nude shades (of course). The formula is quite thin and sets to a lightweight stain. I love this formula much more than the Juicy Shakers, and I've been reaching for it a lot. The shade Beige Vintage is much more pink than the name lets on, but it's such a good everyday shade.

Tom Ford Matte Lip Color, 'Velvet Cherry' | I definitely did not need another lipstick, let alone one by Tom Ford, but I saw my friend Miran wearing this in her Instagram Story one day, and it looked so beautiful on her that I went out and bought it the next day. It's a beautiful deep red color that brings a little drama to any look. I had never tried a Tom Ford Matte Lipstick before, but the formula is absolutely divine. It's comfortable and velvety, but still longwearing. This is one I'll be wearing to special occasions for years to come.

Rodin Olio Lusso Luxe Lipstick, 'Billie on the Bike' | I had been eyeing these lipsticks since they came out - I mean, have you seen how beautiful the packaging is? And then they were featured on Into the Gloss, and I hoarded two or three shades in my Nordstrom online cart. I brought it up in the group while we were in New York, and my friend Emma really convinced me I needed it - I ordered it the day I came home. I ended up going for Billie on the Bike, the purple shade, because Emma said it gave a similar, but more pigmented, look to Glossier's Jam. One swipe gives a more sheer wash of color that looks really beautiful, but it also builds to a stunning berry purple shade. It's super comfortable on the lips, but lasts a long time and fades evenly. I definitely need the deep red (Red Hedy) next.

Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss, 'Caresse' | I've had this for awhile now, but I never got around to talking about how much I love it. It's a beautiful formula, as expected from Chanel, and it feels creamy and comfortable rather than sticky. It doesn't settle into lines and keeps the lips looking plump and full. The shade Caresse is the most perfect nude shade - I got the Rouge Coco Lipstick in Adrienne at the same time, and they make the most perfect pair.

What new lip products have you been trying?