The Blush-Hater's Guide to Wearing Blush

I have a confession to make - despite writing about loving pink blushes a couple weeks ago, I used to be a full-on blush-hater. I have quite fair, pink skin, so I thought that adding to my already natural rosiness would look clownish and overdone. I really wanted to get in on wearing it, though - it seemed to make everyone look so fresh, awake, and glowy - so I started small and worked my way up. If you're a blush-hater but you've been wanting to branch out and try it, maybe the tips I followed will help you, too.

Opt for nude shades

When I first started wearing makeup, I didn't even know there were more shades of blush than pink. Once I figured out there's a whole world of flattering nude shades out there, I felt like I needed to collect them all. Nude shades add a bit of definition and warmth rather than a rosy flush. It's the easiest way to wear blush in my opinion, as they're usually quite subtle and foolproof. Some of my favorite nude shades are the Marc Jacobs Air Blush in Flesh and Fantasy, Burberry Light Glow Blush in Earthy, and Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Nude Pop. 

Avoid the apples of your cheeks

When you're first getting used to how your face looks with blush applied, I'd recommend a different application technique than the usual "smile and apply." I really fell in love with blush once I applied it farther back on my cheekbones, right underneath where I would apply highlighter. I also avoid getting too close to the center of my face - I tend to keep it in line with the outside of my irises. This creates more of a shaded, dimensional effect, and in my opinion is easier to pull off than strong color on the apples of the cheeks. It's all down to experimenting with what works with your face shape though, so if the "farther back on the cheekbones" method isn't working for you, maybe your face suits blush on the apples of your cheeks better! Speaking of application tips, if you're still finding blush looks "weird" on you, I'd try adding some to the bridge of your nose. This is a tip I heard from Into the Gloss's Emily Ferber and Glossier's Eva Alt, and my friend Jodie does it a lot in her get-ready-with-me Instagram Stories (which are my favorite, so you should go follow her). Adding the same color to the bridge of your nose just ties everything together and makes it look natural and more wearable. I was skeptical at first, but now it's one of my favorite little touches to add.

Try cream products

For some reason people tend to be more afraid of cream products than powder products, but for me it's the opposite. I find cream products are actually quite easy to apply, especially with fingers, and quickly blend out to the desired look. Cream products are typically more sheer and buildable as well, so they'd be a perfect place to start small. My favorite cream blushes are the Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk, Bite Beauty Multistick in Cashew, and Smashbox LA Lights Lip & Cheek Color in Mulholland Mauve - these are all lovely nude shades as well. Sometimes cream products don't mesh well with oily skin, but I can still recommend the Cloud Paint - they set down to more of a stainlike finish that don't budge.

What are your tips for flattering blush application?