Nudestix Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms | Review & Swatches

You may have noticed over the past few months more and more products from Nudestix have been popping up in my posts. I don't know what took me so long to try the products, but it's quickly become one of my favorite brands. They're very much in line with my usual "effortless chic" aesthetic, and they're perfect products for on-the-go and minimal, fresh makeup looks. They're already up there with Glossier and Milk Makeup for me. I was recently invited to join their #Babeboss Program (meaning I have a discount code for you at the end of this post!), and it was one of the most exciting emails I've ever gotten. I wanted to talk about the Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms today because they're one of my favorite Nudestix products, and I was also recently sent a few more shades to add to my collection!

The Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms are, as the name suggests, creamy, balmy pencils with a sheer glowy finish. These are my favorite kinds of products for my lips at the moment - they make everything look more plumped up and alive. They feel super comfortable on the lips and don't wear away quickly like other balmy lip products - in fact, pretty much all of the Nudestix products I've tried have been super longlasting. They're easy to apply, and depending on the shade you have, possible to apply without a mirror. They can be applied quite sheerly for a soft wash of color, or built up for a more pigmented look - super versatile products like this are always my favorite. Despite having a glossy finish, they don't feel sticky on the lips, and they also don't highlight dry patches. I've tried all of the Nudestix lip formulas in the #Babeboss Faves Box (review), and this one is definitely my favorite. They're fantastic on the cheeks as well - they give a beautiful glossy sheen that makes you look model-level dewy. They are available in eight shades, and I have six of them in my collection.

T-B | Haven, Posh, Rebel, Pulse, Siren, Wicked

T-B | Haven, Posh, Rebel, Pulse, Siren, Wicked

Haven* is a lovely peachy nude that looks really natural strays far away from "concealer-lips" terrirtory. This gives my lips a wash of warmth that balances out my face if I'm wearing warmer-toned eyeshadows. It's also beautiful on the cheeks as a subtle blush.

Posh* is another nude, but more pink than Haven and with a bit of a metallic sheen. This is my go-to nude - I love anything with a pink tone. This is a definitely "my lips but better" shade for me, and one I can see myself wearing with pretty much any makeup look. This has been living in my makeup bag lately.

Rebel* is the prettiest petal pink. I usually go for nude-pinks, but this one is just too beautiful to pass up. I love that a little bit of my natural lip color shows through, making it look really natural and fresh. This one is an obvious favorite for the cheeks too - it's like a glossy version of my beloved Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff.

Pulse is the first shade of the formula I tried - it's the one that comes in the Babeboss set. It's a plummy nude that adds a bit of definition and really makes the lips appear more plump and full. I wear this interchangeably with Posh, sometimes mixing the two for a customized cool nude.

Siren* is a slightly cool-toned brilliant red. If you're easing into a red lip, then this is the formula to try - you can sheer it out to look more natural as you get used to it. I've been loving this one for a bitten, flushed lip look where I lightly blend it over my lips and then concentrate more of the color on my inner lips - I'll post a look featuring this on my Instagram soon. I've always been a little afraid of reds, but this one is so easy to wear!

Wicked is a beautiful deep berry red that looks stunning as a soft wash of color on the lips and cheeks - it will be an autumn staple for sure. This can really give that popsicle-stained look that's perfect for summer, too. If I had to choose a favorite of the shades I have, I think it might actually be this one!

Have you tried the Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms? What is your favorite product by Nudestix?

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