Feeling Fresh All Day Long

This post contains sponsored content by Secret.

One of the biggest challenges I face day-to-day in the summer is keeping on top of feeling fresh, bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed all day. I take good care of myself in the morning, but on hot days I need a little more help so as to not devolve into a sweaty, greasy mess by lunchtime. I’ve added some bits into my routine that’s really helping me feel bright and healthy throughout the day.

I’ve been starting off my day with the Secret Invisible Spray deodorants - I used to always be a stick deodorant kind of gal, but these have seriously wowed me. The spray is super convenient and easy. One quick spray is all I need, and it gets me out the door that much faster. They feel dry as you spray them on, so you’re not going to have to wait around for it to dry. These just launched in July in four scents: Cool Waterlily, Luxe Lavender (my favorite), Glam Grapefruit, and Boho Berry, and are formulated to help you feel clean and fresh for up to 48 hours. The scents really do last all day long, and rather than mixing with your sweat, they work to capture and lock away underarm odor - I can really attest to this, as these kept me feeling clean and fresh even while moving into a new house in 90 degree heat. They’re also formulated with Fade Resistant Scent Technology, so you’ll never go nose-blind to your chosen scent.

Along with making sure my body feels fresh to get ready for the day, I also need to take care of my face - a detoxifying face wash is my first step in my skincare routine on days I know I’ll need a boost. It creates a really clean, bright canvas for the rest of my skincare and makeup. If I have time, I also like to prep my skin with a moisturizing mask. They help to cool down and plump up my skin as well as keep it hydrated all day. My last necessity in the mornings to feel fresh is a minty lip balm. Not only does this keep my lips hydrated and smooth, but the mint provides a cooling kick that feels refreshing.

On my way out the door, I’ll make sure to take a few bits with me for touchups. The Secret Invisible Sprays are perfect for on-the-go because they won’t stain your clothes, and again, there’s no wait time after applying. So far I’ve been good with just one spray in the morning and won’t need a touchup, but I like to carry around my scent for the day as peace of mind. I’ll also pop a setting powder into my bag, because the Secret may keep sweat at bay under my arms, but I still may need a few touchups for my face. Face mists are a must to carry around as well - if I’m feeling overheated and a bit grimy, they feel refreshing and cooling right away.

Since I’ve started using the Secret Invisible Sprays, I’ve really amped up my “freshen up” game - they’re game changers for sure!

Have you tried the Secret Invisible Sprays yet? What do you use to make sure you feel fresh all day?

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