Six Overnight Masks for Ultimate Beauty Sleep


Since I talked about my favorites for looking awake on early mornings earlier in the week, I thought the natural progression would be to bring up the face masks I like using overnight to wake up with better skin. As I have quite dull, dehydrated skin, I love going for a masks that will give my skin a kick of brightness and hydration - which, lucky for me, is what most overnight masks on the market take care of.

The Miracle One | There's one that's genuinely blown me away in the past few weeks - the J.One Black Jelly Pack was definitely an impulse buy, but it's one I don't regret at all. It's the sister product to the original Jelly Pack in the white bottle, which i use during the day. The black version is meant to hydrate and repair dry, dull complexions overnight. It uses the power of seven antiaging ingredients: red wine, black cumin seed, black truffle, black currant, blackberry, black bee propolis, and black pearl. Just reading the description had me sold. It's a lightweight, jelly texture that I pat into my skin at night, and come morning, my skin is so smooth, plump, and glowing. If you get one thing from this post, it should be this.


The Glow-giving One | The Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask has been very popular since its launch earlier this summer, and for good reason. The packaging and beautiful pink color are what initially drew me in, but the product itself is lovely as well. It smells like pure watermelon and has a fun bouncy and wiggly texture, and it sinks into the skin beautifully. It works to exfoliate and brighten the skin overnight using AHAs, as well as tone and hydrate with watermelon extract and hyaluronic acid. It's not quite hydrating enough on my skin to use on its own, but I still see great results when topping it with a night cream. I wake up to ridiculously smooth, glowy skin every time.

The Hydrating Ones | The majority of my overnight masks are ones whose main purpose is to deeply hydrate. Unlike the first two masks I mentioned, I use a thin layer of all of these over a night cream (rather than on their own) to really lock everything in. The Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is one I've been reaching for over and over again lately. It's got a lightweight gel texture that really quenches the skin. Despite sinking in and almost drying down, it still leaves my skin so incredibly hydrated come morning. Usually I need to feel like my face is a greased-up frying pan to be able to sleep, but not when wearing this. The Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Hydro Sleep Mask* has a similar feel to the Laneige, but is maybe a bit more creamy rather than gel-like. This helps to keep my skin balanced and hydrated all night long. I look glowy, but not shiny, in the morning. This one really plumps up my skin and helps smooth out any texture. Going even more to the cream side of the gel/cream products is the CosRx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask. This feels the most like a normal night cream, but still feels weightless on the skin. This one feels the most moisturizing of the bunch here and keeps my skin super nourished and healthy-looking overnight. My last pick isn't technically an overnight mask, but when my skin is feeling super dry, I love using a thin layer of the Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask overnight. This really makes the skin plump, bright, and glowy.

What are your favorite overnight masks?

*Product mentioned has been sent to me for consideration, but all opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.