Five to Try


Another month, another five products I think you should try. This time there's a little bit of everything - some makeup, some skincare, and even some haircare. In order to separate these posts from my usual favorites/loving lately posts, I try to pick out products that are innovative and something unique. 


Stratia Liquid GoldI had heard rave after rave of this from various skincare bloggers on Instagram, so when my skin started freaking out and getting irritated out of nowhere, I ordered it right away. It's a thin lotion that can be used on its own as a moisturizer or as more of a serum (which is how I use it). What makes it so great for the skin is that it's chock full of ceramides, cholesterols, and fatty acids. It mimics the composition of the skin's barrier, so it's incredibly effective at repairing damage. It works to not only alleviate the symptoms of a compromised skin barrier, but also by strengthening the skin and "teaching" it to heal itself. I've been using this morning and night since I got it, and I'm hooked. It instantly feels so comforting on the skin, and it's definitely doing all the work in making sure my skin survives the winter.

Smashbox Photo Finish PrimerizerThis is another one I picked up after hearing great reviews. I had put it off for awhile, thinking it was essentially the same thing as the Glossier Priming Moisturizer, but it is a bit different. It has a thin, serum-like consistency that sinks in quickly, leaving a slightly tacky surface for makeup to adhere to. This doesn't add any dewiness to the makeup I put on top like the Glossier moisturizer, but it beautifully plumps up my skin and makes sure makeup sits beautifully on top and won't catch on dry patches. I always had issues with my makeup lasting all day without my skin just drinking it up, and I have noticed much better longevity with some of my favorite bases when using this first. Finally, a primer that showed me that primer is actually necessary!


NUDESTIX Brow Stylus Pencil & Gel* | This was recently sent to me in a set of some NUDESTIX eye favorites, and I thought nothing was going to get me to stray from my beloved Glossier Boy Brow + Milk Makeup Gel Brow combo, but this has. It's one of those triangle-tipped pencils on one end and a slightly tinted brow gel on the other. My one complaint is that it doesn't have a spoolie, but I always have one on hand when I'm doing my makeup anyway, so it's not a big deal. I love that the pencil isn't crazily pigmented, so despite it being that chunkier shape, you can still get a natural, feathery-looking finish. And the brow gel is no joke - it's definitely crispier than Boy Brow, but it ensures your brows definitely won't budge and separates them nicely for that fluffy look. By the way, you can get 10% off any NUDESTIX order by using the code DADMUNK10 at checkout!

Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte LipstickI totally picked this up on a whim after seeing Anna say one of the shades was similar to the Glossier Gen G in Cake, but more pink and pigmented. I ended up not getting the shade she was talking about, Vibe, but instead picked Fresh, a rosy pink nude. The color is beautiful for adding a flush of color to the lips, and the formula is phenomenal - it feels so creamy yet lightweight when it's applied, but it dries down quickly to a comfortable matte that doesn't budge. I'm really loving these lightweight mattes that are coming out lately.

Amika Silken Up Dry Conditioner* | I was 100% intrigued by the idea of a dry conditioner. I had never even heard of one. Like a dry shampoo, this Dry Conditioner helps to refresh the hair, giving it some shine while it moisturizes. I love pairing this with the Amika Dry Shampoo (one of the only dry shampoos I can use without my hair feeling gross) - I use the shampoo in my roots to absorb oil, and I use the dry conditioner through the lengths and ends of my hair to help it look more swishy and less fried. It's been so helpful because the dry winter air has been making my hair look awful! It also cuts down on static a lot, which is a huge lifesaver. This makes my hair look freshly blowdried and super lovely.

Have you tried any of these products before? What's your favorite thing you've tried lately?

Products marked with an asterisk have been sent to me for consideration, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.