A Fresh Beauty Roundup


I've fallen hard for all things Fresh Beauty. I've been so grateful to work with them for almost a year now, and it's given me the chance to try so many of their products. I thought today I'd go through the ones I've tried in case you're looking to splurge on all things Fresh!

Soy Face CleanserOne of my favorite cleansers, but one that I don't always mention. It's just a great basic workhorse of a product. It has a jelly consistency that doesn't strip the skin, and it does a great job at removing light makeup. It performs similarly to the Glossier Milky Jelly for me, and I use them interchangeably depending on how I'm feeling. It has Fresh's signature cucumber scent that feels oh so relaxing. 

Rose Deep Hydration Facial TonerThis is another everyday favorite for me. Not only is it incredibly hydrating, but it's also pretty to look at - it has real rose petals floating in the bottle. This has a nice, cushion-y feel to it that really sinks into the skin and deeply hydrates and nourishes. I like sweeping this over my face with a cotton pad and then going in with a few more layers patted in with my hands. It makes my skin super plump and ready for the next steps of my routine.


Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment EssenceThis is one of their newer products, and I'm already hooked. Again, it has that lovely cucumber scent. This is more watery than the rose toner but still feels very hydrating. I like to pat a few layers into my skin before continuing on with serums and moisturizers, and I find it's been making my skin feel so smooth and plump. I love using it in the morning because it really wakes my skin up.

Rose Deep Hydration Face CreamLiterally all of Fresh's products are beautiful, but this one is especially. It's somehow a rich, luxurious cream and yet doesn't feel heavy on the skin. It feels instantly cooling and soothing from the rose - I love using it as my night cream, and I find I wake up with less redness in the morning when I use it. This is even a favorite of my sister, who has oily skin, so I'd say it's pretty versatile. I do prefer to use this at night/on days I'm not wearing makeup, though, because I find sometimes makeup pills on top of it.

Lotus Youth Preserve Face CreamWhile I reach for the rose face cream more at night, this is the one I reach for in the mornings. It's more lightweight and yet still packs a punch of hydration. It sinks right into the skin, leaving it super plump and ready for makeup. I also like using it during the day because it's full of antioxidants, so it helps protect my skin from environmental stressors throughout the day. It leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth rather than greasy.

Sugar Face PolishI don't normally go for physical exfoliants, but this one has won me over. I love using this on a Sunday morning to wake up and invigorate my skin. It uses pure brown sugar as the exfoliant, which not only buffs away dead skin but also is a powerful humectant that draws moisture to the skin. It's also formulated with strawberry for a kick of Vitamin C and plum seed and grapeseed oils to nourish. It's one of my favorite all-in-one products that keeps my skin looking radiant and smooth.

Rose Face MaskThis is another favorite, especially for slow weekend mornings. It's so great for dehydrated skin - it really feels like a big drink of water. It's so soothing and calming, so it's also one I reach for if I'm sick. It makes a throbbing head feel so much better. I love leaving it on for an hour or two and really letting it sink in and work its magic. This might just be my favorite product out of everything featured here.


Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue MaskThis is the newest mask in their collection, and after trying it twice, I know I've found a favorite. It's a super quick mask (5 minutes) that gives instant results. It uses Fresh's Super 7 Complex to increase radiance and hydrate the skin, while Kombu Seaweed Flakes and Sea Fennel Extract smooth the skin's texture. I was skeptical, but I really did see instant results after just five minutes, and they lasted well into the next day. It made my skin feel so smooth, purified, and hydrated. This will definitely be a staple before special occasions and whenever my skin needs a pick-me-up.

Sugar Lip TreatmentsThese are probably Fresh's most popular product (or at least what I've heard people talk about the most). They're the best tinted balms in my opinion - they feel so nourishing on the lips, and they pack about as much pigment as a lipstick. I love the selection of shades, and I have a whole makeup drawer full of them. Bloom, a soft pink, and Honey, a warm nude are my favorites. I also need to get a new tube of the Petal shade, which is a neutral pink nude - I wore it almost every day for a year and ran out. If you're looking for a comfortable, everyday lip option look no further.

Sugar Cream Lip TreatmentsI wrote a whole post about these here, because I love them so much and can't believe more people don't rave about them. They're a nice creamy gloss that doesn't feel sticky or gloopy on the lips. The shades are soft and natural and add a bit of shimmer to make the lips look fuller. Pearl is my favorite shade for adding on top of my usual pink nudes.

Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating BalmI can't believe I forgot to include this one in my photos, although it lives in my bathroom cabinet for easy access. It's one of my favorite lip balms. It feels nice and cushion-y on the lips, almost gel-like, and gives an instant hit of hydration. I'm sensitive to a lot of lip balms, but this one hasn't caused any problems for me. It smells amazing and leaves a soft hint of nude brown on the lips I love as well.

Rice Dry OilThis is a new favorite I've been using every time I get out of the shower. It's so nourishing and sinks into the skin quickly, so you're not left feeling sticky or greasy and can put clothes on right away. It also smells absolutely amazing.

Black Tea Age-Delay Body CreamThis isn't out yet, but definitely keep an eye out for when it launches. It really does firm the skin while intensely hydrating. It makes my skin feel so smooth, evening out the slightly bumpy skin I have on my arms and legs. It takes a minute to sink in, but I don't mind waiting around a bit for the results it gives me. 

Have you tried anything from Fresh? What's your favorite product?

All products mentioned were sent to me for consideration, but all opinions are my own. This post isn't sponsored, I just love the brand! This post contains affiliate links.