Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette | Review & Swatches


When the Anastasia Soft Glam Palette was released, I was interested, but not quite enough to jump up and buy it. The colors really spoke to me, but did I really need another neutral palette? Long story short, my sister ended up with an extra and gave it to me, so I have one now! And I'm a lot more excited about it now that it's in my hands and I've had a chance to play with it.

I know everyone is coming out with warm neutral palettes lately, but there's actually something quite unique about this one. Rather than being all about the orange shades, this one focuses more on mustard yellows and pinks. Normally I have to be really careful with warm eyeshadows because with my skintone, they can just turn bright orange and make me look ill, but these are actually flattering. They're true subtle warm tones that are still quite natural and wearable for everyday.

It's quite a versatile palette - if you caught the Instagram Live I did with my sister last weekend, we both used this palette and ended up with quite different looks (despite using some of the same shades). It's easy for me to create the minimal looks I'm used to, and she goes for more intricate looks and loves this palette, too. It contains 14 shades in matte and shimmer finishes, and like the Modern Renaissance Palette (review), it has more mattes than shimmers. If you're a neutral look-lover then I think this is pretty much made for you. I love the inclusion of so many mid-tone matte browns - obviously a nod to the Instagram makeup trend of adding slightly deeper and deeper shades in the crease for a seamless blend. 


I was happy to hear the Soft Glam Palette would have the same formula as Modern Renaissance Palette - I didn't try the Subculture Palette, but Modern Renaissance is one of my favorite palettes ever. The shades do perform similarly and feel the same when swatched. The shimmers are nice and buttery and are incredibly pigmented - the shade Fairy is quite soft and almost crumbles out of the pan a bit when you put a brush in, but it's still beautiful on the eyes and I haven't experienced fallout with it. The mattes are easy to apply and blend as well. I do find them to feel slightly powdery, but again, I don't have any issues with them on the eyes.

I've found that for powder eyeshadows, Anastasia's tend to be the longest-lasting on me without creasing or fading, and that's still true for this palette. I always use a primer underneath and get a full day's wear out of them. Actually, in the Instagram Live I did with my sister, I applied shadows from Soft Glam on top of one of the Glossier Lidstars, and that worked to keep them in place as well.

I think if you have tons of warm-leaning neutral palettes already, you don't necessarily need this one. But if you're a fan of Anastasia eyeshadows or want to build up your palette collection, then I'd say this is a must-have. I wasn't originally planning on buying it, but I'm so happy I have it now and would definitely repurchase (if I were to ever come close to finishing it!).

Have you tried the Soft Glam Palette? What did you think about it?