Glossier Lidstar | Review, Swatches, & Discount


In case you missed all the hype last night - Glossier's newest product, Lidstar, is here! Lidstars are liquid eyeshadows meant to give a soft, glistening sheen to the eyelids. We're one step closer to being able to do a full face of Glossier, and I am here for it.

I seriously feel like these were made for me - I wear cream/liquid eyeshadows on a daily basis, and the packaging reminiscent of test tubes just warms my little chemist heart. They're lightweight and easy to throw in a makeup bag. Method of application is a typical, slightly fuzzy doe-foot applicator. As always, there is much attention to detail on the packaging, most notably the Glossier pink cap adorned with the signature "G" logo. 

T-B | Moon, Slip, Fawn, Herb

T-B | Moon, Slip, Fawn, Herb

Packaging aside, the formula is what's really wowing me. These are meant to be a sheer veil of color and shimmer, so they're absolutely perfect for an everyday look. They have a mousse-y, almost whipped formula that feels like practically nothing on the eyelids. Since they're on the sheer side, they're super easy to blend out and layer for a more opaque shade. They do layer really well, building upon itself seamlessly rather than cracking or caking up. I simply swipe some directly onto my eyelids from the doe-foot and blend with my fingers. They're super easy and give an effortless, diffused look. You know those eyeshadows that just add lots of life and light to your whole look? These are it. I just know I'll be reaching for these on a daily basis, especially Moon and Slip, to add some brightness to my eyes and keep myself from looking too tired. 

wearing Slip all over my eyelids, Fawn on the outer corners, and Moon on the inner corners

wearing Slip all over my eyelids, Fawn on the outer corners, and Moon on the inner corners

I'll admit I was worried about the longevity. How could something that is so lightweight and looks so dewy possibly be long-lasting, right? Well, these things set down and they really do. not. budge. I constantly am complaining about how oily my eyelids are and how nothing will really last on them more than a few hours without creasing, some products even with primer underneath. I put these to the ultimate test, and they passed with flying colors. I applied them at 7am with no primer, wore them all day through work (where my eyes are constantly watering from the dry air), and then wore them through a kickboxing class. I ended up wearing them for over 12 hours on that first day, and they were still in perfect condition when I washed my face at the end of the day - no creasing or fading, despite rubbing my eyes throughout the day and then getting really sweaty during kickboxing. I've also tried wearing them under other (powder) shadows, and they work really well to prime the eyelids and prevent creasing that way, too.


Lidstars come in six shades:

  • Moon - a sheer cream base with blueish opalescent glimmer

  • Slip - a sheer baby pink with golden highlights

  • Fawn - a smoky taupe with violet and gold pearl

  • Herb - a smoky green with yellow gold pearl

  • Lily - a sheer lilac with blue and violet pearls

  • Cub - a rose gold with warm shimmer

Of the four I have, my favorite is Fawn - it's exactly my kind of shade. Plus it was the mysterious eyeshadow Beyonce was wearing at the Grammys! But I've already gotten use out of all four, and they're all beautiful. You can bet I've already ordered the remaining two shades by now. Because they all have more sheer bases, they seem like they could be pretty universally-flattering. It allows your natural skintone to show through, so every shade will look different on everyone. I think that's really where Glossier shines - I love how they're able to make makeup products that seem so simple and yet adapt to whoever wears them. You wear the makeup instead of it wearing you.


Glossier Lidstars are available for $18 each or in a Duo for $30. You can also get 10% off your first Glossier order by shopping through - I make a commission on orders through my link.

Are you going to be trying the Lidstars?

Glossier Lidstars were sent to me before launch for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own.